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Practical English

This Course is comprised of two levels and it provides English language proficiency for those who have reached O/L standard and/or sat A/L examination and are awaiting university admission. It is also appropriate for undergraduates and students following professional courses.

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Spoken English

These courses are intended for college students, school leavers as well as for those who are employed and who are keen to improve their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar in general and communicative skills in particular, so that they may be able to communicate in English with confidence.

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Academic English

This is an ideal course for those students who wish to pursue their higher education in English medium Those who wish to follow this course are required to have Upper intermediate knowledge in English Language. This is a weekend course of 4 months duration designed especially for those who have obtained a distinction in our Advance Level in Spoken English course and for employed adults who are fairly proficient in English, but feel the need to improve their proficiency, broaden their vocabulary, get exposed to advanced reading material and enhance writing skills.

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English For Juniors

The demand for competence in English has dramatically increased due to globalization. Therefore it is necessary for students to be conversant with English to face the challenges of tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, Royal Institute has designed a tailor-made course for students from Grade 5 to Grade 10 studying in the National Curriculum. The course will help the students speak, read, and write English correctly, improve their pronunciation and broaden their word base.

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Diploma in English

This course teaches students how to use English for everyday situations and purpose related to school, social life, work, and leisure. The underlying philosophy is that learning a second or foreign language is more rewarding, meaningful, and effective when the language is used for authentic communication. Throughout this course, students are presented with natural and useful language. In addition, students have the opportunity to personalize the language they learn, make use of their own knowledge and experiences, and express their ideas and opinions.

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English for Teaching

English for Teachings: for Secondary School Teachers is a comprehensive course in English Language for prospective as well as practicing teaching professionals from countries where English is taught as a second or foreign language. As more and more English medium schools are being opened in the private and government sectors and technology is getting integrated a faster pace with school education, effective communication skills in English are becoming increasingly important for the teaching community. It is necessary to make a multi-pronged attack and tackle the issue both at the pre-service and the in-service levels. The duration of most of the in-service training programmes is too short to make any visible improvement in teachers’ proficiency in English. It may, therefore, be desirable to include an English language component as part of the pre-service teacher education programme and offer sustained training in English.

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English for Business Communication

This course will help you to improve your business communication skills not only in speaking but also in writing i.e. (presentations, meetings, discussions, business correspondence etc) moreover your efficiency in English language will also be enhanced.

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