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24 July 2017

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Department of ICT

Department of ICT

Royal Kids Program


The programme will enable children to use ICT to communicate, handle, information model of computer applications, which will develop ICT practical skills.

About the programme

Royal Kids programme is conducted in 4 stages according to the British National Curriculum. The custom-designed course material and flexible time schedules make this programme convenient for students. The programme will enable children to develop computing skills and acquire confidence in the use of Information and Communication Technology from an early age.


Target students

Ideally suited for children aged 4 up to 16, who are seeking to enhance their computing skills and to earn an internationally recognized certification in Computing.


Initial Step Next Step On Track
(Stage 1) Starting Text Starting Images Starting Graphs (Stage 1) Exploring Documents Exploring Images Exploring Spreadsheets Exploring Databases (Stage 1) Documents for a purpose Multimedia for a purpose Spreadsheets for a purpose Databases for a purpose
(Stage 2) Starting Control Starting Searches Starting Email (Stage 2) Exploring Control Exploring the Internet Exploring Email Exploring Multimedia (Stage 2) Control for a purpose Website design for a purpose Networks for a purpose Video/animation for a purpose

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