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At Royal Institute (RI), we believe that authenticity and commitment of enthusiastic students, suitably geared by the guidance of versatile teachers, lead them to unmatchable success.  At this special milestone celebrating its 50 year long journey through empathy and excellence, Royal Institute International School has...
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Journey from being a Pre-schooler to Graduate Achiever “Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel” as stated by Jim Stovall, emphasizes how a child engages in learning and embarks on a journey from the stages of nursery to degree level. As...
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Founded in 1971 by Mr. G. T. Bandara, Royal Institute (RI) has thrived its way to excellence arriving at the golden milestone this year while remaining true to its mission of providing outstanding educational opportunities to students so that they realize their full potential. Semi-centennial...
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Do you hate public speaking? Would you rather do anything but read this article? Does the thought of public speaking bring shivers down your legs? Same! Did you stumble your way upon this article after you had no choice but to accept a public speaking...
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What is Exam Phobia? Phobia, in its simplest terms, is a fear towards a certain phenomenon which tends to vary from person to person. Phobia can be diagnosed as uncontrollable anxiety in relation to heights, exams, needles, animals, sounds, visual elements. It’s an extreme, irrational...
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At Royal Institute, we firmly believe extra-curricular activities to be extremely significant as they bestow all students the opportunity to excel in an area that does not directly involve academics. Apart from improving the academic arena of the students, extracurricular activities could be utilized as...
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