A. Royal Institute conducts classes from the Nursery up to A/Levels according to the Cambridge / Edexcel and Local curricula.

A. Charges vary according to the Grades. We offer a fee structure which is very competitive compared to that of most other International Schools.

A. We provide unbeatable library facilities with a comprehensive range of text and other books etc, state-of-the-art computer laboratories and well equipped science laboratories.

A. Our Teachers are highly qualified and experienced specialists in their respective fields and dedicated to offer a rich learning experience to students.

A. We have consistently produced outstanding results with a high pass rate at O/Level, AS Level and A/Level examinations with some students achieving “Top in the world” results in certain subjects even surpassing UK students and some others achieved “Top in Sri Lanka” positions.

A. Yes. Scholarships are offered to students on admissions if they meet our criteria and also thereafter depending on their impressive performance. We also provide opportunities for students to take part in various clubs and societies and extracurricular activities to give them opportunities for their total development.