Our Policies

Our Policies



The Royal Institute enrolls children of any religion, race, colour, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programmes and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School, provided that there are openings available. Applications for admission should be made on the prescribed Application Form (available at the school offices) legibly completed and signed by the parent/guardian and handed over to the Principal of the school together with the required documents. Submission of these documents does not however ensure that the student would be admitted. Only those who satisfy the admission requirements of a particular grade will be admitted to the relevant grade at the sole discretion of the Principal and subject to the availability of vacancies. An above average competence in English is compulsory.



Our teaching strategies include flexible grouping and individualization to meet the needs of students. Progression from one year to the next is subject to students having fulfilled their commitments to academic improvement, good behaviour and respect for the School rules and regulations.


School Fees

On admission, the non-refundable admission fee, the refundable deposit and the relevant term fees should be paid. Thereafter, term fees should be paid during the first month of each term. A surcharge of 5% would be levied on all late payments, and the surcharge would be 10% if payment were delayed by more than one month. If fees are to be paid by an organization, a letter from the relevant organization on its official letterhead stating that the organization is responsible for the fees should be submitted.


Leaving the Institute

If a student wishes to leave the institute before completing the course of study, notice of such leaving should given one month (30 days) prior to the date of leaving. Students who fail to do so will forfeit the refundable deposit paid on admission.