Performing Arts

Performing Arts


Dance hones the creative spirit of the individual. Research has proven that dance provides physical, developmental and artistic benefits to your child. Royal Institute offers students an opportunity to acquire the social skill of dancing whilst gaining self-confidence and comfortably interaction with other students in a relaxed atmosphere. Highly qualified dance teachers give instruction to our students.



Royal Institute teachers lead the class in musical play with traditional and original songs. Classes are designed for different age groups. Activities will vary as your child grows. Music as an academic discipline mainly focuses on three career paths – music performance, music education (training music teachers), and musicology (theory, history, etc.). Students learn to play a musical instrument, but also study music theory, musicology, history of music and musical composition. In the arts tradition, music is also used to broaden the skills of non-musicians by teaching skills such as concentration and listening.


School Band

Through the music program and as members of the Band, students develop technical skills on wind or percussion instruments through the refinement and performance of school band literature. Emphasis is placed on the development of skills in interpretation of notation and expressive markings, individual and ensemble performance, and critical listening.



The arts are vital for providing a well-rounded education. Getting an early start in the arts can make a real difference in the lives of children. Participation in the arts is important. The benefits of early arts education extend way beyond providing a creative outlet for children. Arts education can help develop imagination, cognitive skills, creative abilities, problem solving, language, social skills, give a sense of time and place, focusing, listening, risk taking , tolerance, uniqueness amongst other skills. Art education can play a major role in a child’s academic and social development. The magic behind Royal Institute is the creative energy between a child and his/her art materials ignited by well-trained teachers.