Year 2010

Among the high achievers in the Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary Level examination 2010, were 3 outstanding performers:


Weerakkody Semini Mendis who was the “Top in the World” in Business Studies. A notable fact is that it is the second time our students achieved the “Top in the world” catagory for Business Studies.

  • D.P. Rashmin Amasha Pathirana was “Top in Sri Lanka” in Chemistry.
  • Munesh Jayatunga “Top in Sri Lanka” in Accounting.
  • In the O/Levels which D.P. Rashmin Amasha Pathirana got the category of “Best Across four Cambridge A/S levels,
  • Weerakkody Semini Mendis, Munesh Jayatunga and Sandali Tharuni Bambarandage were best across three Cambridge AS levels.


In the Cambridge O/Levels Promodya De Silva and Jayasekera obtained 7 “A” Grades.


At the Cambridge Advanced Level examination Chathura Purandara Muthukumarana achieved 4 “A” Grades and Rojitha De Silva, Buddhi Mahipala, Oshadie Dissanayake, Kaushalya Karunaratne, Andrew Graham Perera and Oshadie Wickramasekera Obtained 3 “A” Grades each.


In the London (Edexcel) Advanced Level examinations 9 students obtained 4 straight “A” grades and 11 students passed with 3 “A” grades with most of them getting over 90 marks in their subjects earning stars.


At the Advanced Subsidiary examination 11 students and 6 students achieved 4 and 3 “A” grades respectively. At the Edexcel IGCSE (O/Level) examination, while one student obtained 8 “A” grades, 2 other obtained 7 “A” grades and all of them getting more than 90 marks in their subjects and earning stars. 14 others obtained 5 to 6 “A” grades and earned stars.