Year 2011


At the Edexcel IGCSE June 2011 examination, 6 students obtained 6 to 9 A’s which included A*s for major subjects while 24 others obtained 4 to 5 A’s with a majority of them getting A*s for most of the subjects.


The performance of Madhuni Wickramasinghe who obtained 9 A’s with 6 A*s topped the list.

  • Chathurangi Halwattage was a close second with 8 A’s including 4 A*s.
  • Narmada Ramakrishnan got 7 A’s including 4 A*s. A total of 55 students passed the examination with 4 A’s or more plus A*s.
  • Seventeen students passed the Edexcel GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level examination, 6 of them with 4 A’s and 3 with 3 A’s.


The performance of students in the Edexcel GCE Advanced Level examination is very impressive with 8 students obtaining 4 straight A’s including many A*s. Among others there were 10 students who achieved 3 A’s. Hasini Sunirma Wickramasinghe and Mariyadas Capsran Roshan were the best performers.

At the Cambridge O/Level June 2011 examination 17 students obtained 6 to 9 A’s including many A*s while 9 other obtained 5 A’s with most of them getting A*s for a range of subjects.

  • Janith Chandula Petangoda obtained 9 straight A’s which included 8 A*s and topped the list .
  • Anuja Ravin Gamage was a close second obtaining 9 straight A’s including 4 A*s.


Overall 24 students obtained 4 A’s and 4 others obtained 3 A’s. There performance of S.A. Don Vinodh Dissanayake in the Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary Level examination is fantastic. He scored 4 A*s which included 100 marks for Chemistry, 100 marks for Physics, 100 marks for Biology and 99 marks for Mathematics. This is undoubtly an extremely rare feat.

The results of the Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examination too are impressive. Rashmin Amasha Pathirana topped the list obtaining 4 straight A’s including 3 A*s.


Dulangi Kanchana followed with 4 A’s. Out of the 9 others who passed the examination, 5 students obtained 3 A’s which included A*s for many subjects.