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The Pioneer International School in Sri Lanka

A charismatic personality is built up of diverse elements including affability and strong interpersonal skills ornamented with great accomplishments made in academics, career and life. Learners at Royal Institute International School, a pioneer international school in Sri Lanka, are moulded to become notable, all-rounded and fascinating individuals in the society. We are geared towards offering a comprehensive education platform for learners from nursery up to Advanced Level, delightfully witnessing their constant progression and amazing achievements.

Mr. G.T. BandaraChairman - Royal Institute International School

Degree Programmes

RIC offers you an opportunity to read for Degrees and Certificates from leading universities/colleges in the UK and Australia that are of international standard and repute all at an affordable cost while studying in Sri Lanka

Department of English

The demand for competence in English has dramatically increased due to globalization. Therefore, it is necessary for students to be conversant with English.

Teacher Training Centre

The RI Teacher Training Centre, for over a decade has earned a reputation for its wholesome training programs offered to teachers with hands-on experience that leads to Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education.


Royal Institute believes in preparing students for life and thus closely follows the AMI curriculum for the learners in their early childhood, and National and/or Cambridge curriculum for learners from grades 1 to Advanced Level.

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