Royal Institute Gampaha - The Pioneer International School in Gampaha

The youngest of the family, Royal Institute International School, Gampaha branch was established on the 16th of September 2013 one became the best international school in Gampaha. Mr. P. Samaranayake served as the Principal at its inception with 13 teachers on the staff. At the outset, 12 students were enrolled in the classes from Nursery to grade 5.

Radiating its light outside the capital city of Colombo, today the school prepares learners for GCE Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations in the national curriculum and for Ordinary Level examination under the Cambridge study program. With a staff of suitably qualified, innovative and dedicated teachers, the school continuously grows in numbers and standards under the headship of Ms. Faiza Gallil, the Principal.  


Year of Establishment

Nursery to Advanced Level


Cambridge and National


Principal's Message

Welcome to the Gampaha branch of the Royal Institute International School, situated along the Yakkala Gampaha main road. Established on September 16, 2013, as the sole branch outside Colombo, our institution celebrated decades of milestones last year. It is my privilege and honor to be part of this esteemed school and to embark on this journey alongside you. At our institution, we prioritize cultivating a positive and motivating atmosphere, providing a comprehensive education spanning from kindergarten to A-levels in the Cambridge National and Edexcel curricular frameworks. Our focus lies in laying a robust foundation for our students, emphasizing holistic development through an array of extracurricular activities aimed at fostering creativity, discipline, and teamwork. These endeavors enable students to explore their passions and evolve into well-rounded individuals. Supported by a committed teaching faculty, including highly experienced educators, we ensure that our students receive an exceptional standard of education. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our school, where you can immerse yourself in the marvels of knowledge.

Promising Leaders

We, the 25 young leaders of the Prefects’ Guild of the Gampaha branch are resolved to do our best in fulfilling all duties and responsibilities entrusted to us.  The guild acts as one in unity and integrity to uplift brotherhood, culture and values amongst our fellow students and uphold the unmatchable excellence achieved by our Alma Mater throughout its 50 year long journey.They impart the legacy – one of dedication, perseverance and renewal to the emerging young leaders for them to carry forward with a new spirit.


The Royal Institute basks in the glory of our alumni, with whom we share the bond of a lifetime. It keeps us together as one community to inspire our pupils, to raise the bar and to expand our idea of the possible. Let us, by staying connected, create a better tomorrow!

Visit Us

Gampaha Branch, Hansagiri Junction,
Yakkala Road, Gampaha

Hotline: 077 2352030 / Tel: 033 222 2828

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