Royal Institute strongly believes that a good library is an indispensable asset to students of our institution of higher education. Therefore the schools have invested heavily in providing separate libraries to all its branch schools.


The main computerized and air conditioned library at the Havelock Town branch contains more than 15,000 text and other books, multiple copies of past question papers prepared subjectwise, useful magazines and other reading material. The primary library at the same premises contain over 3500 text and other books meant for the use of the junior students.


Similarly, its branch schools in Nugegoda, Maharagama and Maya Avenue have their own libraries. While the Nugegoda branch has around 9000 text and other books, past question papers etc. the other branch schools have more than 3500 books.


All libraries have the lending as well as the reference facility and students, particularly in the higher grades, are encouraged to make extensive use of the reference facility.

As a majority of students tend to select computing as a subject for their Cambridge O-Level and A-Level examinations. Royal Institute has established state-of-the-art computer laboratories in all branch schools.


The main laboratory at the Havelock Town branch is equipped with over 70 terminals while the branch schools in Nugegoda, Maharagama and Maya Avenue together have around 90. Linux servers, Ubuntu/Windows operating systems, and Internet facilities are provided in all laboratories. Multimedia projectors are also in use.

Situated on the 5th floor of the school building at the Maharagama branch, the Auditorium has the capacity to accommodate an audience of 750. The Auditorium has all the facilities needed such as a permanent stage, appropriate lighting and a good sound system.


The Auditorium is currently used for several events including Prize Givings, concerts, dramas, plays, Bhakthi Gee recitals of all branch schools of Royal Institute, and other events of the school such as conducting workshops for members of the academic staff.

The Royal Institute Sports Complex covering an expanse is situated at No.117, Rubberwatta Road, Gangodawila consists of a gymnasium, a standard Swimming Pool, a Badminton court, Basketball court and a Tennis court.


Students of all Royal Institute branch schools receive training in the respective games, at this complex. Yoga and Karate classes are also conducted here. It is an asset to students to develop their skills. Students who participate in all these sports receive the necessary training from the experts who are specialized in the relevant fields. Annual Inter-house competitions of the school are held at this complex.

The modern standard size Swimming Pool is a star attraction at the Sports Complex of Royal Institute at 117, Rubberwatte Road, Gangodawila.


Students in Grades 3 to 8 of all four Royal Institute branch schools receive Swimming training regularly on weekday mornings. Experienced trainers consisting of 2 males and 2 females coach the students in respect of all four swimming strokes.


One of the main objectives in training our students in swimming is to eventually prepare them for the annual Swimming Meets of Royal Institute.


On account of the facilities at the Swimming Pool, Royal Institute students continued to participate at Inter-International Schools Swimming Championships and Sri Lanka National Aquatic Championships. Some of our students have been able to get “Gold” medals in Swimming since 2007.

Royal Institute provides well-equipped Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physincs) and Computer laboratories at all its schools.


Practicals in the Science laboratories are done by students under the direct supervision of qualified teachers who give individual attention to students. As a result of this, the school has been able to provide outstanding results in science subjects.

All branch schools of Royal Institute operate canteens within the school premises through third parties on contract basis. The schools provide appropriate and clean buildings to provide refreshments to students who may wish to make use of this facility during the tea break and/or after school.


There are a variety of items served including burgers, hotdogs, cakes, puddings, chocolates, bottled water, fresh juice, milk, biscuits, packets of standard crisps, etc. The hygienic standard of items served is assured as each school regularly inspects the quality of such items.

Royal Institute students are required to wear the prescribed school uniform when attending school. In order to maintain uniformity in design and colour, all Royal Institute branch schools have established Uniform Shops for the convenience of parents in obtaining uniforms for their children.


All parents are able to use this facility.