Clubs and Societies


The Interact Club of Royal Institute has been rising in ranks over the last six years and has newly expanded from a club only active in Havelock Branch to both Nugegoda and Maharagama branches. The club has been part of many community service projects and has cultivated leaders as many interacters from Royal Institute have also held other notable leadership roles as prefectship and headed other clubs too.

As of present the club spanning over three branch schools of Royal Institute has twenty two head board members to run operations smoothly across branches and is spearheaded by the trio Ahmed Noohu (President), Kalindi Gamage (Vice President), and Arosheny Puvanenthirajah (Secretary).


The Model United Nations of Royal Institute is one of the schools most decorated clubs. Even of current delegates such as Rayhan Malik, Sanara Galhenage and Samathi Rajakaruna have won multiple awards such as commendation, outstanding, and best delegate awards. 

Currently Nugegoda branch is co-presidented by Sanara Galhenage and Samathi Rajakaruna while Havelock Town branch is headed by Rayhan Malik.

Mathematics Club

The Mathematics Club of Royal Institute is a relatively new club which has developed exponentially through the common love for mathematics. The clubs notable achievements are the increase in students who engage in mathematics in school. The number of students deciding to take mathematics as a subject in secondary school has increased after the introduction of the club.

Furthermore, the club has even performed tasks such as statistically analyzing the spread of COVID-19 within Sri Lanka and its growth patterns. This math loving group of individuals is led by Dulakshana Shindo.

Drama Circle

The Drama Circle of Royal Institute has taken part in many Drama competitions and has facilitated the love for theatre and cultivated many great artists.

The latest such actor is Moditha Dabare who won the Best Child Actor at this year’s Asian Film Awards.

Media Club

The Media Club of Royal Institute is a relatively new club which aids in capturing the wonderful memories all school related events bring forth. The media club further enables the student’s mind to grasp cinematography.

Recently Media clubs very own Lingesh Janarthanam was offered the position of assistant director in an upcoming Sinhala movie production and has started producing his own short films during his leisure time apart from school activities.

Quiz Club

The quiz club of Royal Institute has taken part in many competitions organized by the leading national schools of Sri Lanka such as Royal College, Ananda College, Museaus College, etc. The school has been recognized as a up and coming school full of talented young individuals with worldly knowledge.

The Astronomy Club, Young Global Researchers (a couple of months old), Little Friends, Social Service Society, Art Club, Debate Club, Sinhala Club, Buddhist Society, Hindu Society, Islamic Society, and Science Society do not have notable achievements as of yet but are active.