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Established in 2008, Royal Institute International Girls’ School in Colombo Sri Lanka is an exclusive establishment for girls who seek a distinctive domain. Ms. Iranthi Gunawardhane was the Principal at its inception with 15 teachers on the staff. Initially, classes were conducted upto grade 7 with 50 students following the Cambridge curriculum.

Presently, the school caters to learners from Toddler Group to Ordinary Level. Under the Cambridge study program, learners are prepared for Cambridge Ordinary Level examination while classes are conducted from grade one to seven for those who have opted to follow the national curriculum. The well qualified dedicated academic staff under the guidance of Ms. Shazeena Nilam, the Principal, moulds young ladies to conquer the world.  


Year of Establishment

Nursery to Ordinary Level


Cambridge and National


Principal's Message

Royal Institute International Girls’ school opened its doors on the 16th of September 2008. The increasing demand for a school exclusively for girls motivated us to establish this school with all facilities and the necessary infrastructure specially meant for girls.

Nursery classes will be available for girls as well as for boys but from Grade 1 onwards it functions only as a girls’ school.

Our school conducts classes in Cambridge stream from grade 1 to Ordinary Level, Edexcel stream for Advanced Level classes and the National stream from grade 1 to Ordinary Level.

Royal Institute Girls’ school is situated in a convenient location in Kirulapona with easy access from the direction of Nugegoda as well as from Colombo.

Royal Institute Girls’ School proudly demonstrates equality, fostering harmony among all nationalities and religious groups.


Promising Leaders

We are a guild of 31 dynamic, determined and dedicated young ladies at the GIrls’ School! Together, we bring in a multitude of skills ranging from communication, organization to digital video production. Skills and knowledge we acquire and leadership tasks and responsibilities that we carry out make us a well balanced, well equipped and closely knit team.


As a school, we have a strong tradition of maintaining links with our former students and we wish to continue it. Through our alumni network, we would like to keep you updated with the school’s progress and achievements. We are also keen to draw on the knowledge and expertise of our alumni as part of supporting our current students in their education, employability and career development.  

Visit Us

Royal Institute International Girls’ School
163 Maya Avenue
Colombo 6

Tel: 011-2552268 / 077 2528282


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