Royal Institute is well known for setting high standards for sports and for producing outstanding results. Sports at our school are programmed to allow each student the opportunity to develop skills, fitness, correct behavior and attitudes of fair play. The sporting program is an important part of the learning and development process of our students. Royal Institute proudly owns a well-equipped sports complex at Wijerama, Nugegoda. It consists of a gymnasium, swimming pool, a Basketball court, Yoga centre and a Badminton court. All actions and interactions of our sports programme are underpinned by the school values of excellence, diversity, learning, respect and connectedness. The sports programme operates at representative and participative levels, providing a choice of sports run by enthusiastic coaches, whereby participants improve their level of performance while gaining enjoyment and self-satisfaction. The bonding and the intricate support structure that is built on the coaching strategies, the encouragement and the strength of the teacher-student rapport is next to none at Royal Institute. All students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. The following are the sports being provided at Royal Institute:


· Athletics

· Swimming

· Cricket

· Badminton

· Netball

· Table Tennis

· Boxing and Karate

· Basketball and Football

· Chess


For the purposes of these activities, the Institute has divided students in to 4 School Houses – Kent, Liverpool, Manchester and Surrey. Students in each class are divided in to four equal segments. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters are assigned to Kent House, Liverpool House, Manchester House and Surrey House respectively. Currently each House has a little over 1000 students.


The flag of each house, rectangular in shape carries the Royal Institute logo at the centre of the flag, “Royal Institute” is printed just below the logo and the name of the House at the bottom, all printed in dark brown. Each House has been assigned a particular colour, to be used for the flag – Red for Kent House, Blue for Liverpool House, Green for Manchester House and yellow for Surrey House.