Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva Adorns Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan born Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva is one of the most outstanding alumni, Royal Institute prides in.   His sheer determination and untiring efforts to help mankind led his way to be a National Heart Foundation Future Leader Senior Research Fellow and the Laboratory Head of Translational Cardiovascular and Renal Research Group at Florey […]

Exceptional Excellence through Empathy at Royal Institute

Royal Institute (RI), at her 50th anniversary celebrating excellence, is delighted to announce the astounding academic brilliance displayed by her students at Cambridge International Ordinary Level (OL), Advanced Subsidiary level (AS), and Advanced Level (AL) examinations held in 2020. Although, such scholastic excellence is a familiar experience at RI, the joy, pride, and fulfillment it […]

Graduation Ceremony at RI Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education (Pearson Assured )

COVID-19 has disrupted the daily life of billions of people including children across the globe, created fear in the minds and chased away hopes and aspirations to an unseen distant future. Consequential adverse impacts on the nation’s social, economic, academic and skill development have been immense with the students and youths becoming the prime victims. […]

Royal Institute – 50th Anniversary, Excellence through Empathy and Experience

‘The light of learning’, the dream of an educationist with great vision became a successful reality with the establishment of Royal Institute International School at Havelock Town, fifty long years ago, in 1971. Following the remarkable success of the institution, in 1993, a branch was established in Nugegoda. Subsequently, its network expanded to Maharagama, Maya […]

Proud RI Alumni

A proud RI alumnus, Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine with Honours and graduated with High Distinction from Deakin University (Burwood Campus) in 2009, and thereafter, completed his fully-scholarship funded PhD by 2013 within the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University (Clayton Campus).   He currently serves as a National Heart Foundation […]

A Well-lit Path

Getting an education doesn’t always feel like it is worth it while you’re studying. There are a lot of processes and systems involved in going to school, most of which you feel rather than think about. From waking up in the morning, to the travelling (which is again often spent stuck in traffic), to being […]