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Diploma in Montessori & Primary education

Teaching is an important and increasingly popular choice of career for all kinds of people. Whatever your circumstances - if you’re still at school, about to graduate, or looking for a change of direction - there are more ways to enter the profession and more support available to help you get there than ever before.

The Royal Institute International School Vocational teacher training Centre was established in January 2009. Since then, over 150 students have gained a Diploma in Montessori & Primary Education and are currently employed as teachers in National/International schools in Sri Lanka and overseas.

The Diploma in Montessori & Primary Education is conducted as a part time course for duration of one year. While learning the theoretical aspects of teaching, students are given practical placements of internship within the 4 branch schools of Royal Institute International School.

Common concerns of Prospective Teachers


Am i suitable?

It doesn't matter who you are, to become a fully qualified teacher you must first gain a certification from a recognized Teacher Training Centre. Almost always, that means completing a minimum of a year teacher training diploma. However, before starting this process, you need to be sure you meet a number of key requirements.


Do I have the necessary academic qualifications?

To enroll for the Diploma in Montessori & Primary Education, you will need to have a pass in English and Mathematics / Science at GCE / IGCSE (Ordinary Level Examination).


What if I don't have the required qualifications?

If you don't have the necessary GCSEs in Mathematics, English or Science, you may be able to take a pre-entry test set by us. We also accept skills developed through other, related work experience. If in doubt, please contact us to find out what your options are. We are able to advice you on whether your particular qualifications are equivalent to the minimum requirements set out above and you may also be asked to provide certification where appropriate.


What about my personal qualities and experience?

Teaching is an unique profession, with unique challenges. It is essential for you to enjoy and thrive on these challenges. You must be committed to a career working with children. We will help you to decide whether teaching is the right career for you by providing an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment. We strongly advice you to consider volunteering as an assistant at any of our branch schools.


Do you run background checks?

All prospective teachers are also subject to a number of checks, designed to prevent unsuitable people from gaining access to children and to maintain the integrity of the teaching profession. These checks will usually include:

  1. Identify Confirmation
  2. Professional and character references
  3. Previous employment history (if any)
  4. School Certificates
  5. Health check

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