English for Juniors

English for Juniors

To face the challenges of the 21st century and to be responsible global citizens children should be guided from their young age. English is essential in this regard. English for Juniors course at Royal Institute prepares students from Grade 1 to 8 to meet the demands of the future world. The course will improve the students’ listening and speaking skills, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary and knowledge in grammar.

Course Components
  • Student's bookEach unit is divided into three lessons in which new vocabulary and grammar structures/functions are presented. A wide variety of activities allow students to practice basic vocabulary and grammar.
  • Workbook Students practice the language through activities that accompany each unit of the student's book. The aim is to consolidate the linguistic items (vocabulary, structures, functions) that appear in the student's book.
  • Phonics We believe it is important not to neglect the different sounds of a foreign language. For this reason we have included activities which help Ss to speak intelligible English.
  • Special Days The pages depict a festive day of the year and motivate the interest of students. These pages also give cross-cultural information of English-speaking countries that help students understand other cultures.
  • Tests There are six revision tests corresponding to the revision units, a mid term and final test.
  • Smart world These one page lessons can be found after the completion of a module. The Smart World pages consist of texts which Ss learn about the habits, traditions or lifestyles of other cultures.
  • Portfolio The portfolio is made up of two sections: the project and the self-evaluation section. The projects promote revision and consolidation. The self-evaluation section enables students to record their progress and promotes self-awareness about their own strengths and weaknesses

The students will be placed in different stages as mentioned below according to their proficiency level through a placement test.

1. Smart Junior 1
2. Smart Junior 2
3. Smart Junior 3
4. Smart Junior 4
5. Smart Junior 5
6. Traveller Beginners
7. Traveller Elementary
8. Traveller Pre Intermediate  



Each level of completion student will get a student progress report. Students who complete all 8 levels will be awarded the certificate.