Graduation Ceremony at RI Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education (Pearson Assured )

COVID-19 has disrupted the daily life of billions of people including children across the globe, created fear in the minds and chased away hopes and aspirations to an unseen distant future.
Consequential adverse impacts on the nation’s social, economic, academic and skill development have been immense with the students and youths becoming the prime victims. Social distancing has brought in a great deal of fear psychosis among everyone. In this backdrop, continuing recognition of educational attainments in terms of regular convocations has become very challenging and nearly impossible.

At the Royal Institute Teacher Development Centre,  we opted to make a difference whilst respecting and adhering to all health guidelines and health requirements, by conducting its overdue graduation of Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education class of 2020, on the 16th of January 2021.

This was the first function we had in the brand new RIC auditorium which is perfectly designed for events.

Guests were welcomed and entertained by the Royal Institute Senior Choir and the dancing troops of Royal Institute International School, Nugegoda and Royal Institute International School, Havelock Town branches respectively. The dance from the Nugegoda branch which depicted the traditional Sri Lankan folk art, was fittingly complemented by state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities of the brand new auditorium. This performance was a mesmerizing experience for the audience.


The valedictorian of Batch 15 Ms.Niyamath Ismail, in her speech, thanked Royal Institute for providing them with uninterrupted education during pandemic. Ms. Ruveka Perera as valedictorian of Batch 14 mentioned that RI teacher graduates are equipped with all the necessary skills to educate as well as prepare young students to face future challenges in life.They thanked the Head of the Teacher Development Centre Ms. G. V. Badra Shyamalie for the aptness of the Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education programme.

The Chief Guest Mr. G. T. Bandara gave away the certificates to thirty nine diplomates and Dr. Nirodha Bandara, the Guest of Honour delivered the keynote speech. She focused on how teachers should pay more attention on childrens’ cognitive development. Mr. Chaminda Bandara, Mr. Nivantha Bandara, the principals of branch schools, and a few other distinguished guests graced the occasion.