Best 8 Preschool Activities in Sri Lanka

Preschool Activities in Sri Lanka

Looking for preschool activities in Sri Lanka?

Kids are the most valuable precious human kind in the world. Their childhood must be filled with right things in right way where the elders have a limitless responsibility towards making them a better world for the betterment of the world.

Investment that you make on a child will never be a waste because that will surely bring amazing results for you and for the world. Yet, to make your child a better person who has the confidence, skill and the will to compete with the world he or she should be hand over to good hands.

Being best international school in Sri Lanka Royal Institute claiming immense pleasure in shaping up the future of so many children. We are an updated institute who always make sure that we meet up the national and internal level qualities and standards in order meet up the requirements and the expectation of primary education.

Primary education is a significant process that children have to go through. A proper primary education will make your child a demanding profile in future from personality and qualifications. Therefore the activities that you chose for kids for their primary education must inclusive of both of the entertainment and learning.

Let’s take a look at few of the simple, and efficient pre-school activities that will give a lot of learning and fun for your child.

1. Alphabet practicing acidity – Kick the cup

This activity will help the kids to learn about how to identify the letters by name. Practice the sound of the letters and memorizing it, improving gross motor activities such as balance and coordinating while kicking the ball.

The sources need to prepare for this activity is easy to find and simple. All you will need is small size ball, plastic cups, a marker pen. Let’s check how to arrange this game.

Write the letters in each of the plastic cups you have by using the marker pen. (This must be visible enough). You may write lower case and upper case of the letter on two sides of a cup or you may get extra cups to write them separately.

Next make a line on the floor by using the cups. Let your kid to kick the ball to the line made with cups where you will notice a cup or few will knocked down. Get your kid to loudly pronounce the letters in the knocked down cups.

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2. Crocodile circle

Another fun activity that will also give learning opportunities for kids. You can make this as a group activity by involving two or more kids so as it will help to make your child a team player too.  You may picture a bin or a box with a cockatiel and get it filled with letters and picture cards.

Get one kid to hold the bin or a box after make them run or go around the box. The student who stops closer by get him pulled a card from it and loudly call out the letter. When they get a picture card instead of a letter card you may repeat a turn. Keep repeating the same till they learn and done with enjoy the game.

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3. Feather tip salt tray writing

Get a tray for each kid filled with salt or sand. You may get a feather tip or something similar that can draw on it. You may get the kids to write down whatever they like. It can be a letter, number, image or any.

This will be an amusing writing activity where they can play and enjoy at the same time.

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4. Fingerprint letters

A most knowingly favorite learning activity of many kids. The activity will allow the kids to learn the formation of each letter and identify them creatively. All you will be needing is a marker, papers and washable ink pad. You may write a large letter on the paper.

Get your kid to dip each finger on ink pad and make them figure print alongside the letters. They would love to play with colors.

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5. Sorting number stickers

One of the simple activity that you will love to try. You may place number in each box after drawing a grid on a paper. Hand over a number stickers to kids and get them move the number sticker in each box with the matching number in the grid.

You may get the child to write down the numbers they matched.

6. Squeezing Water with Basters

Next we are going to try out a fine motor activity. There are so many interesting moor activities for children and Squeezing Water with Basters is one of the most famous. The tools you need are mini baster (you can use a small squeeze toy from fine motor set), pouring utensil, water or colored water.

Get the kid to explore the water with pouring tools, then let the kid to squeeze the bulb to store the water and then get him release it. This is simple but an activity that will improve their fine motor skill.

7. Paper paint sculptures

A simple game that is designed to improve the inventive skills of kids. You may get the kid to decorate paper plates with different colors and shapes. Next let the kid to cut the sides of the paper plates to get them connect with each.

Kids are known as colorful creature and so they would love anything that they get the chance to play with colors and shapes.

8. House color hunt

A fun activity meant to improve the match and cogitative skills of children.  You can arrange a creative scavenger hunt that make them involving search for different objects that will match the color on the display sheet.

It is easy to do this activity no matter whether it’s home or school. The kids get the opportunity here to learn more while playing.

Try out these fun and creative activities that will help to develop the personality and the potentials of the kids. Royal Institute has designed many amusing activities at its nursery that get the kids to learn and play at the same time.

Reach our Royal Institute to join your kids to effective learning program conduct at the institute.