Students of Royal Institute Register For The Fast Approaching Cambridge O Levels of 2023

The road leading up to the Cambridge O-Level examination is not to be taken lightly, with students worldwide putting their all into preparing for the prestigious examination to come; their very first venture into the world of internationally recognized qualifications. The O-Level exam sets the precedent for a student’s future, and the exam season is a time of much trepidation and excitement.

As the upcoming May/June 2023 exam session approaches, the students of Royal Institute International Schools are dutifully dedicating themselves to the last stretch of their exam preparation; countless hours spent studying the source material, revision sessions with their ever-supportive teachers, and building up the mental fortitude needed to face the many papers to come. It could be said that the students of Royal Institute are certainly holding up to the values of their alma mater, and on the 1st of February 2023, the students are sure to be hit with the reality of what is to come, as they receive their O-Level applications. Once each application is filled and handed in, the students will be official examinees, registered as school candidates that are truly ‘all set’ for the academic adventure ahead.

Examination halls and centres are often associated with the exam stress and worry of the thousands of students that sit for their exams there, with many of them feeling that the sterile and unfamiliar setting further exacerbates the unease they are already experiencing. However, Royal Institute has found a way to take away this unnecessary anxiety by providing the students with their very own exam centre, set up at the Royal Institute of Colombo, Kohuwala. By allowing the students the comfort and opportunity of facing their exams in a place that they are already acquainted with, as well as having their own teachers serve as the invigilators, any undue negative feelings are eliminated, and the students are left with the peace of mind required to focus their attention fully on their papers.

We at Royal Institute would like to wholeheartedly wish the 2023 O-Level batch of students the best of luck for their upcoming exams. May their hard work and dedication lead to the fruition they so rightly deserve.