A Holistic Educational Journey at Royal Institute International School

Journey from being a Pre-schooler to Graduate Achiever

“Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel” as stated by Jim Stovall, emphasizes how a child engages in learning and embarks on a journey from the stages of nursery to degree level. As Royal Institute International School celebrates 50 years of excellence in guiding this journey of thousands of students, the school has truly laid a solid foundation for the success of its students.


Early Childhood Years as Blooming Buds


Royal Institute believes that the primary school years are the most crucial part in a child’s educational journey. The key to effective education begins with child-centred and hands-on learning that allows children to gain knowledge through exploring his/her environment. At RI, we provide the nourishing learning environment for the nursery section using the latest AMI facilitated nursery teaching techniques. We make sure that children see learning as an enjoyable experience where they get to show their true potential in order to become successful human beings in the future. Our main goal is to guide and nurture the child’s cognitive skills, motor skills, language and literacy skills, as well as the child’s social-emotional development, thus building the ‘whole child’ who actively engages in the learning experience.



Reading ladder, Oratory, Spelling Bee and English Day competitions are such events where a child’s active participation is encouraged and where they get the platform to showcase their talents. Especially, during this pandemic period, the dedicated and hardworking teachers at RI ensured our children continued to actively participate in learning. We are successfully conducting online sessions that virtually cover all the subjects including music, dancing and handwork, so the children do not miss out on the enjoyable educational journey of the classroom.


Thriving as Independent Learners at Primary and Secondary Levels

The Cambridge Pathway

Royal Institute International School has emerged among the first few international schools in Sri Lanka to obtain the unique ‘Cambridge School Centre’ status. The Cambridge Pathway seamlessly leads through four stages commencing with Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced. Furthermore, it emphasizes on the objectives of achievement in learner knowledge, understanding and skill development which enhances independent thinking, and application of knowledge to contemporary situations. The Cambridge curriculum bases examinations on the Cambridge Checkpoint structure which expands and broadens students’ horizons and makes them compatible to international examinations.

In the recent Cambridge IAS/IAL June 2021 Examination series, Royal Institute demonstrated exceptional excellence in producing:

  • a remarkable 100% pass rate
  • a significant 41% of the total candidates obtained 3As and above
  • including five brilliant students securing 5As and 6As


Pearson Edexcel International AS and AL

Introducing Pearson Edexcel IAS/IAL is a timely initiative taken by Royal Institute in order to provide the most impactful education qualification to its students. Based on the UK curriculum, which is designed with a global outlook, Pearson Edexcel offer the most modular based assessment that gives students more flexibility to take exams at the right time for them. Students also benefit from more exam practice and familiarity and get to build their understanding of the standards expected of them. The curricula open the doors of the best universities in all parts of the world leading to prestigious global employment opportunities. It equips learners to thrive in an ever-changing global economy.


The National Pathway

Apart from the Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel curriculum, Royal Institute also offers the national curriculum that prepares students for National GCE Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations. In addition to the world-class achievement, Royal Institute has also demonstrated exceptional performance in the national stream where two outstanding students received 9As for the GCE O/L 2019, and 3 students received 9As for the GCE O/L 2018.




Becoming Industry-ready Graduates with a World Class Higher Education Arm

“Education is the passport to the future. For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for today.” Malcolm X

Higher education is often a place of unknowns and trepidation, but Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) affords students the comfort of continuing their higher education journey alongside the RI family. Affiliated with world class universities such as University of London (UoL) with academic direction from London School of Economics (LSE) which is ranked #2 for the Social Sciences along with Deakin University, Australia, that offers career-specific pathways in the fields of engineering, science and environmental studies, RIC provides students with the means to complete internationally recognized degrees while remaining in Sri Lanka. The newly introduced UCG-approved International Economics and Finance (IEF) degree programme is another example of RIC offering nothing but the best for students who wish to pursue the field from both a global and local perspective.