Royal Institute reaches the Golden Milestone

Founded in 1971 by Mr. G. T. Bandara, Royal Institute (RI) has thrived its way to excellence arriving at the golden milestone this year while remaining true to its mission of providing outstanding educational opportunities to students so that they realize their full potential.

Semi-centennial Journey of RI’s Commitment to Excellence

Since its humble beginning at the Havelock Town premises, Royal Institute has grown exponentially, presently teaching around 5000 students across its five branch schools in Havelock Town, Nugegoda, Maharagama, Maya Avenue and Gampaha.

Throughout its fifty-year long journey, RI has been dedicated to harnessing the strengths of students and grounding them into well-rounded individuals who are intellectual, articulate and socially and ethically responsible. First-class education encompassing a wide range of disciplines including natural sciences, mathematics, commerce and social sciences and humanities, supported not only by the most modern academic amenities including

laboratories and libraries but a massive swimming pool and a sports complex with a fully-fledged gymnasium to ensure enhanced speed, strength and stamina have allowed and equipped students to emerge truly notable global citizens, contributing to the community with empathy, tolerance, wisdom and excellence.

 Outstanding Academics and Extra-curriculars

Over the years, students of Royal Institute have accomplished recognition both locally and internationally for their unsurpassable display of talents in academics and extra-curricular activities alike, bringing home numerous world prizes, Top in the Country awards, High Achievers’ awards and numerous other accolades.




Royal Institute prepares its students from Lower Nursery level to Advanced Level for National, Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel qualifications. The AMI-facilitated nursery teaching techniques enable children to truly become capable and productive individuals by focusing on their moral, behavioral, emotional and intellectual development.


The availability of both National and International qualifications provides students with the option of enrolling in the national universities or world’s top universities. Supported by seamless learning environments, students are encouraged to make the best out of all learning resources and to think critically, outside the box.


Dedicated Staff Enriching the Student’s Experience

Highly qualified and experienced teachers efficiently and effectively practicing internationally recognized teaching techniques and learning strategies have played a major role in maximizing students’ potential. Cutting edge technologies have been integrated into the curriculum and classrooms to ensure the learners are prepared for the future.




Prominent Alumni Strengthening the RI Legacy

Gayathrini Premawardhana, an outstanding alumna of Royal Institute graduated in Physics at Cornell University, New York testifies her accomplishments as a brilliant scholar by receiving a scholarship of 90% financial aid from Cornell. She will commence reading for her PhD in Physics at University of Maryland, this August.



Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva, yet another proud RI alumnus serving as National Heart Foundation Future Leader Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Translational Cardiovascular and Renal Research Group at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience in Australia recounts, “I am very fond and proud of my student years at RI, because these were some of the happiest years of my childhood, which I will always cherish for the rest of my life”.



World Class Higher Education Arm

The Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) – the higher education arm of RI and affiliated by world’s most prestigious universities such as the University of London (UoL) and Deakin University, Australia speaks volume over 40 years of excellence in the arena of higher education in Sri Lanka. RIC holds its integrity as a world class education provider offering the academic direction from LSE that ranks #2 in the world along with a consistent ranking among the top teaching centres of UoL.

Contentment of the Founder

 “I worked tirelessly to provide my students with the best possible education, and I’m delighted to see all teachers and staffs of Royal Institute wholeheartedly geared towards this. Education is a superpower. It has always been so,” states Mr. G. T. Bandara, the Chairman.

“The ultimate purpose of any individual should be to serve the mankind in whatever field they have excelled in. This is exactly what I had in mind 50 years ago, and when looking back at this fifty-year long journey, I feel very happy and proud of the students and teachers at Royal Institute who have always lived up to this,” he adds.