Commitment and Efforts Triumph at Royal Institute – GCE O/L Examination

Royal Institute International School prides in the outstanding achievements of her students who sat their GCE Ordinary Level Examination in 2020. Students have worked extremely hard during times of remote learning and adapted to new norms to produce excellent outcome.


Untiring commitment during challenging times

Through active engagement in online lessons during lockdown, they have displayed a high level of maturity and independence. They have been creditably responsive under the guidance and support of their teachers, and as a result, produced excellent results. Students not only performed extremely well academically, but also developed their social skills by maintaining healthy relationships with their peers during virtual study sessions.  They were guided, supported and closely monitored by their teachers; timely and necessary feedback was provided; their progress was assessed continuously during the virtual teaching-learning process.


Leading by example with outstanding academic results

With the release of OL results, students have set a wonderful example to their juniors by showcasing the outcome of their determination and hard work; they have proved that will power and necessary guidance bear much fruit.

Besides, the number of “A” passes obtained already is bound to increase further with the upcoming release of the practical component results of the aesthetic subjects.

Emerging triumphant with resilience

Royal Institute extends her heartfelt gratitude to all teachers for efficiently responding to the new challenges which emerged in the field of education over the past two academic years. It has been an unprecedented time in the history of education and the resilience and hard work of teachers have helped the students achieve exceptional heights. Further, Royal Institute greatly values the trust all parents have placed on her, in terms of their children’s education.


High Achievers of Royal Institute

The outstanding GCE Ordinary Level results obtained by the students, across the full range of subjects offered at the examinations held in 2020, are listed below:


Dulmeth Meemana (Nugegoda Branch)

Chanul Gunathilake (Nugegoda Branch)

Daham Ranapura (Nugegoda Branch)

Guvin R. Senevirathne (Maharagama Branch)

Harindu Batheegama (Maharagama Branch)

Umar Farhan (Havelock Town Branch)



Devin Hemarathne (Nugegoda Branch)

Gihindu Dissanayake (Nugegoda Branch)

Inuri Upeka (Nugegoda Branch)

Dulvin Nimdiya (Nugegoda Branch)

Ravitha Perera (Nugegoda Branch)

Irane De Silva (Nugegoda Branch)

Ishara De Silva (Nugegoda Branch)

Yabesh Attanayake (Gampaha Branch)

Kalana Madusha (Maharagama Branch)

Nethuli N. Mahadewa (Maharagama Branch)

W.P. Ashinshana Induwara (Maharagama Branch)

Mihin Wanniarachchi (Havelock Town Branch)

Geerthiga Mayooran (Havelock Town Branch)

Sasithi Odevnie (Havelock Town Branch)

Gihani Weerasinghe (Havelock Town Branch)



Anupa Dissanayake (Nugegoda Branch)

Baha Safer (Nugegoda Branch)

Chapa Minsara Marasinghe (Gampaha Branch)

Senath Enuka (Maharagama Branch)

Chenul S. De Silva (Maharagama Branch)

Amila Dilshan Palliyaguru (Maharagama Branch)

Irushi Jalangana (Havelock Town Branch)

Himaz Haneez (Havelock Town Branch)



Thisuni Senanayake (Nugegoda Branch)

Chamath Gunathilake (Gampaha Branch)

Anusara Abeygoonawardane (Maharagama Branch)



Lakitha Gunawantha (Nugegoda Branch)

Onel Perera (Nugegoda Branch)

Asindi Dasanayake (Nugegoda Branch)

Komathu Mabulage (Nugegoda Branch)

Shehansa Gunasekara (Nugegoda Branch)

Vinugi M. De Silva (Maharagama Branch)

U.W. Senithi Karunathilake (Maharagama Branch)

Hasna N. D. Jayasuriya (Maharagama Branch)

Mohamed Rushdi Abdur Rahuman (Havelock Town Branch)


Royal Institute (RI) always considers her students as an invaluable asset to her, to their families and most importantly, to the entire world. RI eagerly looks forward to welcoming them back soon for their GCE Advanced Level studies, and wishes them every success in their higher education!