Royal Institute International School donates 2500 school packs to underprivileged children in rural areas

Royal Institute International School donates 2500 school packs to underprivileged children in rural areas


A proud achievement reached through generosity

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” – Albert Camus

Royal Institute reached a golden milestone this year, proudly celebrating fifty years of fulfilling its many honourable goals—providing outstanding education and firmly laying down the foundation for countless students to reach a bright future. Keeping to its tradition of always striving to enrich the young lives of students who will one day be the leaders of tomorrow, the RI Generous Hearts project was launched to mark Royal Institute’s 50th anniversary in the most rewarding of ways.



Collaboration with the ‘Foundation of Goodness’ to support young learners

The RI Generous Hearts initiative was in collaboration with the Foundation of Goodness that aimed to provide underprivileged children from the rural parts of Sri Lanka with essential school supplies packs. Each school pack is worth LKR 4000 and will cover all the child’s educational requirements for a full year. Speaking on RI Generous Hearts initiative, Mr. Kumar Sangakkara, Trustee – Foundation of Goodness shared, “This initiative is a step towards producing responsible and empathetic global citizens who will serve the global community in the future.” Likewise, Mr. Mahela Jayawardena, Trustee – Foundation of Goodness also stated, “The RI Generous Hearts initiative is driven by Royal Institute to support the education of children who need it more than ever.” These young learners have the same rights to learning as any child from the city, but unfortunately, many do not have the tools to move forward. We at Royal Institute were both pleased and humbled by all those who answered the calls of these children and helped make this project a resounding success.

Message from the ‘Foundation of Goodness’

“The Foundation of Goodness would like to salute and applaud this magnanimous initiative thoughtfully curated by the management along with the staff, students, parents and alumni.

This task by no means is easy, as we know, having done this for 22 years but these last two years in particular with the pandemic is a hard to describe achievement with the economic downturn, and in that context the collective effort is the true measurement of all those who contributed as a testament to who they are especially when the beneficiaries cannot repay the favour. We congratulate Royal Institute for joining with the Foundation of Goodness through which we were also able to raise and match more or less the same numbers to make it 5,000 packs in total for an equal number of children to be supported island-wide and we cannot thank enough the senior management for the thought that inspired them to make this worthy undertaking a reality, knowing where ever there is kindness there is goodness, and where ever there is goodness it turns out to be a magical outcome.

Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts.”

Kushil Gunasekera – Founder/ Chief Trustee, Foundation of Goodness


Uniting towards reaching the fundraising goal

It is with great emotion that Royal Institute announces the donation of 2500 school packs—amounting to an outstanding total of LKR 10,000,000—to 2500 deserving students, thus providing them with the means to carve their place in the future of this ever-growing nation. The pandemic that has ravaged our country as well as the world, brought forth hindrances that were beyond our control, and yet there were countless individuals who put their generosity before everything else and helped us to reach this goal. Numerous fundraising activities were organized to encourage more donations, while serving a dual purpose of breaking the monotony that has set in for so many of us as we live through this pandemic. It is clear that the hard work extended by all involved paid off, and we greatly appreciate it.

A heartfelt message of gratitude to generous donors and supporters

Mr. G. T. Bandara, Chairman of Royal Institute International School and Dr. Nirodha Bandara, Academic Director, breathing life into the project and bringing such a wonderful cause into awareness; the team at Royal Institute of Colombo, the driving force behind it all; the principals and vice principals, tirelessly providing guidance and encouragement; the teachers and lecturers, going above and beyond to instil the sense of generosity into their classrooms; the children, involving themselves in the project with such pure feeling and enthusiasm; and the many outside donors, both loyal alumni and otherwise, finding the time to open their hearts for those less privileged—Royal Institute extends a heartfelt thank you for your words and actions.