RI Alumnus – Dr. Kishani Udugampola donates towards a worthy cause

Dr. Kishani Udugampola is a proud alumnus of Royal Institute. She holds a PhD in Criminal Justice and is currently working as an Associate at Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the USA. While at RI, she was a Prefect and a graduate of Cambridge A/L 1998 Commerce batch.Dr. Udugampola is a Founder of Lighting a Light Foundation and she shares,“Growing up in Sri Lanka, I credit two schools- Musaeus College & Royal Institute, for providing me with a solid foundation in both academics and essential life skills. This strong foundation has made me resilient by being able to adapt to challenges throughout the years beyond high school and transition into my present role.As a means of giving back to the country where I grew up, I was able to create my own NGO – Lighting a Light Foundation (http://lightingalight.org). The mission of this foundation is to provide an environment of peace and promote a healthy lifestyle to become successful in achieving the highest potential education for children of Sri Lanka. Presently, many of our inauguration projects are on hold due to the pandemic. However, we have managed to conduct smaller scale sponsorships throughout the past year helping underprivileged children in Sri Lanka.Further, I wish and encourage RI, its teachers and students to continue to strive to be your best in whatever endeavor you tackle. And most importantly, help each other and always reach out by offering help to someone who is unfortunate. Because my personal motto is that, together we can make the world a better place. This holds true now, more than ever as the world is grappling a major economic and health crisis.Thus, as a token of my gratitude to RI, I decided to donate 50 school packs (equivalent to Rs 200,000) for RI Generous Hearts Initiative, as it is in line with the causes we care at my foundation.”