A journey to leading a world-class medical research – Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva | RI Alumni


The Sri Lankan born Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva is one of the most outstanding alumni, Royal Institute prides in.


His sheer determination and untiring efforts to help mankind led his way to be a National Heart Foundation Future Leader Senior Research Fellow and the Laboratory Head of Translational Cardiovascular and Renal Research Group at Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia, one of the world’s leading neurological research centres.


Dr. Lankadeva’s medical research focuses mainly on sepsis and acute kidney injury. Sepsis causes the highest number of deaths in Intensive Care Units around the world. It is a condition where tissues and organs are damaged due to excessive immune response to a bacterial, viral or fungal infection.


Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva, along with Prof. Clive May has examined the ability of vitamin C to reverse the damaging effects of sepsis and conducted several clinical trials to establish the efficacy of vitamin C administration as treatment for sepsis.


Triumphantly, a critically ill Covid 19 patient treated with large doses of vitamin C had recovered enough to be taken off ventilation after 12 days of treatment and return home at the end of 22 days.


The amazing results have raised indescribable hope among all, at a time of much uncertainty and despair caused by the pandemic.


Royal Institute heartily and proudly congratulates her brilliant alumnus, Dr. Yugeesh Lankadeva who works tirelessly to save mankind and affectionately assures him, her constant support at all times.