Hybrid Learning – An Innovative Approach to Education at Royal Institute International School

As we evolve in our lifestyles to cope with the pandemic, methods of teaching evolve as well. Technology has made a profound impact on the field of education by bringing hybrid learning into the arena.

Hybrid learning is an approach to education that combines the best aspects of online education and traditional in – person classroom methods. This method paves the path to receive classroom experiences, experimental and observational learning objectives through both online sessions and physical sessions. 

This method of teaching is implemented at Royal Institute to make sure that students have access to education even from their homes. This offers students flexible accessibility and has given teachers the ability to use a wide range of online tools which enriches the teaching – learning experience. Moreover, parents get the opportunity to witness their children actively participating and interacting in the lessons and they also have the chance to monitor their child’s progress. Thus, it is an ample opportunity for the parents to be involved in the education plan of their children more effectively.  By using this method both students and parents get to build up a strong and meaningful relationship with the respective teachers even during this period of crisis. Motivating children, encouraging their self-regulation and maintaining home – school communication are ways that parents can utilize in influencing learning outcomes positively.  

The current pandemic has brought out unexpected challenges to everyone. There can be situations, in which some students are not in a position to attend school physically due to various reasons. Hybrid learning provides a good opportunity for such students to continue their studies without any interruption. The flexibility of this method allows the students to join their learning sessions from anywhere at any time. Accordingly, it is clear that hybrid learning helps to maintain the quality and the flow of education we provide.

All branches of Royal Institute have been equipped with the latest technology to support ‘Hybrid Learning’ since this is an opportunity which would not be applicable without the required technological devices. It has already become a very interesting experience to the students as they are curious and excited about using the latest technology in the classroom. In addition to this, they are happy to be present in their own classroom either physically or virtually. The newly added devices have added an innovative appearance to our classrooms creating a positive learning environment. 

It is important to understand that this is not a replacement for the conventional physical education system which has been in use. This is the right combination of learning strategies to provide education effectively under any given situation to cater to the learning needs of our students. The opportunity of approaching different individual requirements of each student is the métier of this learning format.   

During this challenging time, Royal Institute International School is implementing the best possible methods available to ensure that students are provided with continuous learning sessions which is quite challenging. However, we have always strived for success and would like to commend the efforts of the teachers and students who have managed to overcome this challenging phase of life.