Introducing Pearson Edexcel Syllabus in Sri Lanka to Royal Institute

Royal Institute International School is accredited with being one of the pioneering international schools in Sri Lanka that strives to empower students to become independent learners while preparing them to be responsible global citizens. Royal Institute believes in having a better understanding of crucial points in a student’s life following which the Pearson Edexcel International AS Level and A Level qualifications is introduced to encourage higher student engagement and creativity.

Thrive with Pearson Edexcel IAS and IAL Curriculum

Pearson Edexcel, as a world recognized examination board offers academic and work-based learning qualifications for students. Available in a wide range of subjects, Pearson Edexcel AS Level and A Level give students the chance to develop intellectually as they explore a subject in great depth. Pearson Edexcel AS and A Level curricula comprise a well-structured and practical content and the students and teachers can always view and download their accredited specifications, sample assessment materials and learning materials including: course planners, exemplars, teacher guides, mapping documents, schemes of work and worksheets.

How will students benefit?

Based on the UK curriculum, which is designed with a global outlook, Pearson Edexcel offer the most modular based assessment that gives students more flexibility to take exams at the right time for them. Students also benefit from more exam practice and familiarity and get to build their understanding of the standards expected of them. The curricula open the doors of the best

universities in all parts of the world leading to prestigious global employment opportunities. It equips learners to thrive in an ever-changing global economy.

Free Admissions and Scholarships for outstanding students

As a leading edexcel syllabus schools in Sri Lanka Royal Institute International School offers a range of scholarship opportunities to students with outstanding O Level results and free admission in both National and Edexcel curriculum.

Experience a seamless transition and consistent learning journey

We have a simple mission: to make a measurable impact on improving students’ lives through learning. This mission is driven by the four pillars:

  • Inspire the students towards learning as a lifelong adventure;
  • Foster an engaging learning environment;
  • Create an atmosphere that encourages individual uniqueness; and
  • Develop a positive learning community that instills character traits of respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty, perseverance, trustworthiness, caring, compassion and citizenship.

The well-trained teachers at Royal Institute International School are determined to deliver a seamless and consistent learning journey for students. Academic activities for the new academic year at IAS/IAL levels will be commenced in July 2021 and a smooth transition from Cambridge O Levels to Pearson Edexcel IAS/IAL is guaranteed by our experts. Our teachers have identified basic principles and practical concepts that align with our mission to give students the best opportunity to develop along their learning journey.

Royal Institute – Creating future leaders and innovators

Introducing Pearson Edexcel IAS/IAL study program is a timely initiative taken by Royal Institute in order to provide the most impactful education qualification to its students. The world-class qualification that is now being offered by Royal Institute prepares learners for global opportunities by embedding the skills that help children grow into resilient, curious and globally connected young adults.  It is believed that the quality education at RI will create future leaders and innovators while opening doors to brighter opportunities.

For more information on edexcel syllabus in Sri Lanka, visit our website and call us on 077 770 1557.