Extracurricular Activities: Royal Institute Excelling Beyond the Classroom

At Royal Institute, we firmly believe extra-curricular activities to be extremely significant as they bestow all students the opportunity to excel in an area that does not directly involve academics. Apart from improving the academic arena of the students, extracurricular activities could be utilized as eloquent reinforcement to strengthen the communicative and interactive skills of the students, motivate them to be more participatory, and promote self-esteem.

As a pioneer of international education in Sri Lanka with a renowned history of 50 years, we are fortunate that many pupils at Royal Institute have acclaimed outstanding success and showcased their talents in diversified extracurricular activities both locally and internationally. The following highlight a few accomplishments in relation to theatre, sports, interactive societies as well as producing world class alumni in academia in the recent past.

Accomplishments in Theatre

Seventeen-year-old, Moditha Dabare of Royal Institute, Havelock Town, was awarded ‘Best Child Actor Award’ at the Asian Film Festival and at the Golden Diamond Awards in Los Angeles for his extravagant performance in the short film, “Catharsis”. This cinematic experience of Moditha paved him the way to elevate himself to another level in theatre.

Catharsis”, written by Thisen Umagiliya and Sandali Pathirana, directed by Thisen Umagiliya and starred by, Moditha Dabare, both being two of the Royal Institute’s finest, has received many plaudits for its phenomenal pursuance.

Accomplishments in Sports

Chaniru Mirando and Jason Homer of Royal Institute, Nugegoda excelled at the 68th National Badminton Tournament held on 21st February 2021.


Jason Homer, one of our proud athletes won the under-17 Boys’ Doubles Championship and was re-selected to the Sri Lanka National Badminton Squad. Chaniru Mirando, who competed in the under-19 age group at this tournament, was qualified to the semi-finals. He also competed in the 2016 Asian Junior Badminton Championship, where he ranked as 20th in the Asian Rankings.





Accomplishments in Dancing

Having participated in the 17th Thailand International Folklore Festival from 15- 22 January, the troupe that consisted of 12 girls of Royal Institute, Nugegoda was successful to bring home a trophy for ‘Excellent Performance’ along with a Gold and a Silver medal.

Societies and Clubs

Online Installation of the Junior Optimist International Club (JOIC)

Royal Institute, Havelock Town, being the first JOIC to reign the shores of Sri Lanka, had their online installation in the presence of the board members of Optimist International, USA. The mission of this club is to upgrade oneself along with the world and to build up a robust relationship that teaches the importance of teamwork and self-confidence.

‘The Young Environmentalists’ Challenge 2021’

The event was organised by Deakin University, Australia in affiliation with the Royal Institute of Colombo to showcase the concerns as environmental enthusiasts.

‘Project Planet’, ‘Green Genesis’ and ‘DS^3’ of Nugegoda branch were amongst the final 11 teams. Accordingly, the team, ‘Green Genesis’ was awarded the ‘Most Creative Solution’ and the team ‘DS^3’ secured the ‘Third Place’ at the Virtual International Round held on the 29th of April.


The Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad

“The Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad” which was aimed at increasing the passion among school students for science and mathematics, was held on 6th of April 2019 at island-wide universities. Januda Perera of Royal Institute, Nugegoda was able to secure a silver medal and became the 19th from the whole island.

Accomplishments in Academia

Dukula Jayasinghe was an exceptional student at both academic and extra-curricular activities at Royal Institute, Havelock Town. His remarkable achievements include ‘The Undergraduate of the Year’ Award for 2020/21 of the Science and Engineering Faculty of University of Manchester, ‘High Achievement’ awards for Marine Science and Psychology at Cambridge AS and A Level and the obtainment of 5A* at Cambridge A Level.

Likewise, Kaushika Hemachandra and Ashwin Konara of Royal Institute, Nugegoda from grade 1 to O/Ls who achieved 9As at the O/L examination, ranked 6th and 570th in the island at their GCE A/L Examination, August 2020, qualifying to study medicine.

At Royal Institute, every child has the opportunity to achieve a truly world class education in a disciplined, spiritual, and morally inspiring learning environment upholding the values of Sri Lankan culture.