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Established in 1971 by Mr. G.T. Bandara in Havelock Town, Royal Institute International School has grown its presence, adding locations in Nugegoda (1993), Maharagama (2005), Maya Avenue (2008) and Gampaha (2013). While every branch has accommodated a kindergarten, the main branch has been exclusively devoted to primary and higher education. Nonetheless, the anticipation has finally come to an end.

Royal Institute International School Kindergarten is on the cusp of setting a new standard in early childhood education. With its emphasis on innovation, experienced faculty, holistic curriculum, language development, modern facilities and community engagement, the school stands as a beacon of excellence for families seeking a nurturing and enriching educational experience for their young ones.

Innovative Learning Spaces

The kindergarten facility at Royal Institute International School boasts cutting-edge classrooms designed to inspire creativity and exploration. From interactive learning corners to spacious play areas, each space is crafted with the child’s developmental needs in mind, fostering an environment conducive to both structured and unstructured play.

Distinct areas are designated for different age groups, adorned with vibrant, exciting and stimulating colours and themes throughout. Our nursery is a realm of wonder, where natural curiosity is actively encouraged, and young horizons are expanded.

In our kindergarten, we underscore our commitment to creative experiential learning as a cornerstone of holistic development. Through a comprehensive curriculum, dedicated art programmes and hands-on activities, we prioritize nurturing creativity in young minds.

Our approach integrates artistic expression across subjects, ensuring every child explores and enhances their creative potential. By choosing our kindergarten, you are investing in an educational journey that values and cultivates your child’s innate creativity from the earliest stages of their development.

Our AMI qualified, enthusiastic childcare teachers provide play-based learning and school readiness programmes in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework. 

Experience and Caring

RI Kindergarten team offers a caring and home-like childcare setting, fostering the growth of your child into a joyful and self-assured learner. Central to the kindergarten’s achievements is, its devoted group of educators. These professionals, equipped with early childhood education training, blend expertise with a genuine zeal for steering young learners.

Their nurturing approach is characterized by warmth, dedication and enthusiasm. Committed to establishing a positive and encouraging environment, they strive to provide individualized attention to each child, laying the groundwork for a robust educational foundation.

Educators create a comforting atmosphere in the center, fostering a sense of safety for children. The design elements, play equipment, furniture and resources incorporate natural colours and materials to enhance the homely ambience. Our goal is to cultivate a familial environment, ensuring both children and parents feel a strong sense of belonging, as they truly are part of our extended family.

Holistic Curriculum

Royal Institute International School Kindergarten takes pride in the Association Montessori International (AMI) standard curriculum, designed to address the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of each child.

The integrated approach blends academics with activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork, laying the groundwork for lifelong learning. RI Kindergarten not only provides the highest standard of nursery care and education but also a unique environment in which children are actively encouraged to explore, learn, and interact with others.

Above all, they are encouraged to enjoy the world they create for themselves in safe and purpose-built surroundings.

Recognizing the importance of language acquisition during the formative years, kindergarten places a strong emphasis on linguistic development. Through a variety of age-appropriate activities, children gain exposure to the English language. State-of-the-art education techniques give your child the best start possible. RI Kindergarten follows the Early Years Learning Framework and has a dedicated school-ready-kinder programme.

Nursery (3yrs – 4yrs)

Lower Kindergarten (4yrs – 5yrs)

Upper Kindergarten (5yrs – 6yrs)

Modern Facilities and Safety Measures

From our early morning opening hours to our commitment to high-security standards, we are acknowledged as experts in the childcare sector. Every aspect, without exception, has been crafted with a child’s perspective in mind.

RI Kindergartens boast modern facilities, guaranteeing the safety and happiness of each child. From secure play zones to state-of-the-art classrooms, Royal Institute International School Kindergarten places a strong emphasis on creating an environment that encourages both exploration and safety.

Our nursery buildings leverage cutting-edge technology with a keen sensitivity and our entire team is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and safety of your child.

Outside the traditional classroom setting, the kindergarten actively promotes the participation of parents and guardians. Consistent communication avenues, parent-teacher meetings and joint events foster a robust sense of community, underscoring the school’s dedication to the comprehensive development of every child.

Nestled in the lively center of Havelock Town, Sri Lanka, Royal Institute International School Kindergarten is poised to revolutionize early childhood education with the introduction of its new Kindergarten. This thrilling advancement represents a noteworthy achievement for the esteemed institution, recognized for its dedication to cultivating young intellects and promoting overall development.

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