Senior Secondary Education in Sri Lanka

Senior Secondary Education in Sri Lanka

Education is a vital tool in today’s fast-evolving world, to ensure personal and social growth. This immeasurable tool is not restricted to just knowledge gained from books, but beyond; widening an individual’s skills and perspectives.

Made a fundamental right by the constitution of Sri Lanka, education is compulsory, for all those aged 5-14 in Sri Lanka. This has been done so, to ensure nobody is deprived of this basic right.

Senior Secondary Education in Sri Lanka

Secondary education in Sri Lanka is classified into 2 stages. The first stage involves the GCE OL (General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level) qualification for grades 10-11, which has to be faced by all students at the age of 16. The syllabus is set by the Ministry of Education for all students island wide. This qualification is vital since it allows students to pursue their education in more recognized and prominent schools. Therefore, it is a rather beneficial opportunity for those studying in rural areas to study more effectively.

It is also the basic qualification for students and determines whether one is eligible to pursue GCE AL – the second stage. GCE AL(The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level), also known as the university entrance exam, is an important milestone for a student, as it decides whether a student is eligible to attend a renowned state university.

Students are allowed to choose from 4 diverse fields, and 3 subjects are mandatory from each chosen major. Being considered a very competitive exam, students work very hard for this exam. These two stages of education tend to determine the future of majority of youth as their success determines the growth in the world outside the school.

Known as highly esteemed forms of assessments with global recognition, Cambridge and Edexcel Examinations that lay a firm foundation for students to step into the next dimension of their education through the display of their academic excellence are also available for learners in Sri Lanka.

The immense dedication and hard work students put into the preparation for these examinations is beyond words. There is an increasing demand by Sri Lankan students to pursue these curricula as they pave the way for higher education on an international platform.

Guided by the educators who should striveto bring out the best in the learners, students must experience a rich holistic educational journey. Through commitment and perseverance, students attain exceptional results; therefore, the examinations are goals and targets that learners prepare for from their early years of education.

The Role of Royal Institute

With a legacy of over 50 years, Royal Institute is a pioneer of international schools in Sri Lanka. Its journey dates back to 1971, when its chairman Mr. GT Bandara took the initiative to lay the foundation of a ‘home away from home’. While continuously flourishing, RI has upheld its standards of education by producing global citizens, who are enriched with empathy, warmth, and respect. The proud alumni of RI are evidence of the quality education provided at RI.

Apart from fostering students with academic skills, Royal Institute also provides students with valuable opportunities to broaden new horizons, by taking part in various clubs and societies such as the Interact Club, the Press Club, and Royal Institute Model United Nations (RIMUN). These clubs enhance the life of a secondary school student, by inculcating in students a sense of unity, teamwork, and perseverance.

Comprising of 5 branches, RI has an unscathed reputation in providing the best for its learners. RI offers Cambridge (Grades 1-10), National (Grades 1-13), and Edexcel ALs with exceptional academic performance at these exams, be it international exams such as the Cambridge and Edexcel examinations or the nationally recognized ones.

Why RI?

Royal Institute has an unblemished reputation for providing the best for its learners through the support of devoted teachers, who leave no stone unturned in fulfilling their role to the maximum. With a team of committed and effective individuals, RI is undoubtedly the right place for a child to pursue his/her education.

Moreover, RI is a healthy and warm environment that prioritizes students above all. Students are encouraged to achieve their goals, with constant support. With a mission to inspire students, foster a proper learning environment, create a healthy atmosphere, and develop a positive learning community, RI strives to provide a holistic educational journey for all its learners.

Guidance for students

Students are prioritized at RI and their progress is continuously monitored through unit tests, mid-term tests, and term tests. Students are expected to take a test after every unit so their understanding of every unit is monitored and teachers can guide them in the required aspects.

Mid-term tests are also held in the middle of the semester testing the understanding of a term’s work, and term tests are held at the end of each term. These tests aim to provide the maximum support possible by guiding the students before they face crucial assessments such as the Ordinary Level (OL) and Advanced Level (AL) examinations.

Moreover, students at RI are always encouraged to reach beyond the expected standard and pursue their aims with focus. With constant support from a unit dedicated to guiding students in their career paths, RI always makes sure its learners are following the proper path to their careers from the secondary education stage itself.

In conclusion, RI is indeed a wise choice for all those wishing to pursue high-quality education, that is enriched with other extracurricular activities. With knowledge that reaches beyond the restrictions of the books, RI is the best option for a memorable educational journey.