Private Schools in Sri Lanka: Why Choose Royal Institute

Private Schools in Sri Lanka

Looking for private schools in Sri Lanka?

Choosing a professional, qualified and recognized school for kids is the ultimate prospect of every parent. Most parents tend to get worried when their kids reach the right age of schooling.

When choosing a private school for young children, there are so many things to consider before finalizing because the school can have a considerable impact on his or her future. The decision that you take today will last through the lifetime of your kid. Therefore, confirming that the institute in your check list meets the qualification is very important to consider.

The academic background of an institute has a considerable weight similar to the recognition it has earned as an educational institute in the community.

It is undeniable that most parents and students are after the most famous schools but at the same time it is significant to check the performance of the school and make sure it delivers results in grooming the students in academics, extracurricular activities and also within the frame of discipline.

The image and culture of the school are also important when checking for the right school for your kids. It is where the communication skills and personality development mostly come from. School is the first community where your child steps outside to the world from the family.

Therefore, checking the culture of the school is also noteworthy when finalizing a school. These are the fundamental details one must check when checking for a suitable private school for your child.

Being one of the top leading and most chosen private schools in Sri Lanka, Royal Institute feels the pulse of our nation and has a better understanding about the expectations of our beloved students and parents, by serving with excellence for decades. Therefore, we are happy to let you know that everything that you would like to offer your kid to groom him or her as a demanding personality is right here with us.

We respect and value the faith that every student and the parent has on us and we ensure to expand their potential, not just by qualifying them academically but also shaping the personalities to prepare them to win the world tomorrow with a demanding profile. And we are ready to take the responsibility of preparing your beloved kid to face the challenging future with better confidence. And this is why you should choose Royal Institute.


We are fully equipped with all the required human and material resources to offer the best for your kid. Royal Institute is known as one of the best outstanding private schools in Sri Lanka as we have developed our institutional set up to meet the standards and the qualification at international level.

Our ultimate vision is not just to prepare your child as a demanding profile within the country but go beyond. We are a dedicated team thatprepare your kid to make him/her an astounding personality to the world as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a private school with modern resources, Royal Institute will be more than happy to welcome you.


Safety is one of the fundamental factors you must look into when checking for a private school for your child. The child will be spending considerable time in the school atmosphere and probably away from the family. The institute that he or she attends should be the only place where they spend time away from home.

Royal institute values your trust more than anything else. We are a promising educational institute to pay individual attention to your kid inclusive of his or her safety. Our professional, qualified and experienced team has gone through a number of professional training to make our school a safe and happy place for your kid.

Physical and mental safety of a student is very much important as it not just affects the academic performance of your kid but the overall development. Knowing this fact, Royal Institute ensures the safety of your kid in every aspect.

Professional and qualified teachers

Academic staff of an educational institute directly affects the growth of student performance. We are happy to let you know that our team is consists of professional and experienced teachers who have qualified academic and professional backgrounds.

We motivate the teachers to play more intimate roles with the students so that we can get a better understanding about the performance of the students and also help to pay individual attention to each and every kid. Our teachers can even help children with a psychological approach as they are well qualified. The close relationship we maintain with students and parents will be an added advantage for your kid to enjoy schooling.

 Challenging and competitive academic environment

A healthy competitive learning environment is a compulsory requirement for any type of educational institute. It will motivate and drive your kid to pursue academic and personality development goals. It also offers a number of advantages for your kid that will be added advantages for his or her future.

The educational and personality development experiences that we deliver to our students are exceptional and they will ensure to direct your kid to the right path. They will help groom your child to as an independent individual and a smart team player that will also shape the soft skills of your kid.

Extra-curricular activity programs

The school has an endless duty towards qualifying students to enhance their academic qualifications, soft skills and personality development. This is why we are introducing a series of extra-curricular activities for your children.

Our extra-curricular activity program involves leadership development, character development, and team-play development programs. Furthermore, you will be happy to find sports, art, music, dancing, social clubs and many more at Royal institute.

Royal institute offers an upgraded learning experience for the students in Sri Lanka promising to bring a bright future for your child. Come and explore to learn about what our institute is ready to deliver to your beloved kid by meeting your prospects.