Pre School Syllabus in Sri Lanka

Pre School Syllabus in Sri Lanka

Royal Institute is happy to introduce to you an exclusive and valuable pre school syllabus in Sri Lanka for your child. If you are looking for a pre-school curriculum that suits the national and international standards and requirements, Royal Institute would be the right place for your child for their early childhood development.

As a professional institute in Sri Lanka that has been serving the nation for decades by providing better educational opportunities for our children, Royal Institute firmly believes in creating a positive learning environment for children along with a valid and valuable pre-school curriculum, and so we have designed a syllabus that offers the best learning experience for your kids covering the following:

Language and literacy

The early childhood is the most important period of a child’s life for language and literacy skills development; however, it requires an effective and efficient learning process to improve and develop communication skills, analytical skills, creativity, emotional intelligence etc.

The syllabus that we offer for your kids is mainly focused to provide better training and learning opportunities for reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

We provide a positive learning environment for your child to improve language and literacy skills with many entertaining activities. Our syllabus is also inclusive of different sections that help improve and develop lingual learning as well which will be a value addition for your kid’s preschool learning. The school also encourages and guides the parents to monitor homework for the continuation of studies at home.


Royal Institute pre-school syllabus also includes Mathematics. There is immense value in giving proper pre-school education for a child to develop mathematical skills that will provide a fine base for school education and also beyond.

To encourage the kids to pursue mathematics, we deliver specially designed studies and activities in the syllabus. Our programs also provide great opportunities to improve critical thinking, memory and concentration, analytical skills etc. The studies focus to offer better insight for the kids to improve their creativity, counting, sorting and identifying skills.

The right approach of learning will always ensure a promising future for children. 

Social-emotional development

Social and emotional development of a child is as important as academic improvement of children. Pre-school period is the fundamental phase of a child when they grab and develop the basic of emotional and social norms.

In the syllabus we cover, we mostly focus to see a positive change in your child in how they respond to understanding and managing emotions, continuing healthy relationships, interpersonal skills, positivity, setting up goals, improving etiquettes, confidence etc.

Royal Institute can contribute towards developing the emotional and social development of your child in better ways.

Gross motor skills

Royal Institute has a great variety of gross motor skills development programs in the pre-school curriculum that we present. Gross motor skill development specially focuses on improving physical and as well as mental health of young learners.

The list of activities that we offer to the children will help enhance their physical and emotional development and they can also improve their team work skills. The right gross motor skill development will groom the kids in their early childhood education to make them healthier mentally and physically while also helping to improve the confidence level of kids.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are related to improving the small muscles functioning along with the brain which covers how to productively improve the functions of lips, fingers, tongue and eyes that will help to develop writing and drawing. The exclusive pre-school syllabus that Royal Institute presents train the kids in both gross motor and fine motor studies and related practices.

Apart from the learning techniques, our institute also use modern instruments and technologies that help develop your child’s fine motor skills.

Creative arts

Creativity and art subjects help the kids in their early childhood learning to improve their senses and skills. A creative art activity will not just develop the natural imagination of kids but will also bring a positive impact on essential life skills.

The Royal Institute pre-school syllabus covers a great variety of programs exclusively designed to improve artistic skills of kids while also supporting to improve self-expressions, confidence, imagination, independence, fine motor skills, analytical and critical skills, social skills and many more.

The well-designed program, continuous guidance and motivation provided by a professional team will certainly help to offer a better learning experience for your child.

Exploration and discovery

The main source in early childhood for learning, skill development and personality development is learning through observation and exploration. This is a crucial area that you have to put a lot of thoughts and feelings in order to improve the soft skills and academic skills of your kids.

Our pre-school syllabus is enriched with a great selection of content that is specifically focused on learning thorough discovery related explorations. Allowing your child to receive pre-school education at Royal Institute will be a promising experience for the development of your child.

Royal Institute shapes the pre-school experiences of your child to make him/her a better learner with confidence. Our professional and qualified team is fully dedicated to offer personalized observation and guidance by making sure your child is enjoying pre-school learning.

To grab the best opportunity for your precious child at the right age, stay connected to Royal Institute and enroll your child for the next intake.