Royal Institute International School excels in delivering the National Curriculum in Sri Lanka

Royal Institute International School (RI), a pioneer of international schools in Sri Lanka, has a long history of providing exceptional education to its students. As a responsible provider of primary and secondary education, the school prides itself on delivering a value-driven education assisting students in pursuing excellence. With a network of five branches across Havelock Town, Nugegoda, Maya Avenue, Maharagama and Gampaha, RI has had a high academic performance since its inception. The school caters to the National curriculum and has been successful in obtaining outstanding academic results over the past 50 years.

RI provides National curriculum education at all five branches. The Havelock Town and Maharagama branches offer National curriculum education up to A-Levels, the Nugegoda and Gampaha branches up to O-Levels, and the Girls’ School up to grade 9. Students can study a variety of subjects, including Math, Science, Civics, Drama, Japanese, and much more.

The National section of Royal Institute has produced extraordinary results for this year’s O-Level examination. Dulmeth Meemana, Chanul Gunathilake, Daham Rajapakshe, Guvin R. Senevirathne, Harindu Batheegama are just a few of our students who are excelling academically, as they have achieved 9 As. Fifteen of our students here at Royal Institute have achieved 8As. In the 2021 G.C.E. advanced level examinations in the Maharagama branch, Shashini Dissanayake achieved a district rank of 7 and an island rank of 12, giving tremendous joy and satisfaction to RI. This is followed by Nilanya De Silva (1A and 2Bs), Mahith Feranado (3As), Themiya Weerasinghe (3As), and Ashintha Prabodha (2As and 1S), all of whom scored outstanding grades in their exams.

Many of these exceptional pupils were able to receive scholarships as a result of their remarkable accomplishments. This is done not just to recognize the outstanding achievements of these students, but also to inspire other students to attain similar successes. These outcomes enable our students to achieve excellent rankings in the Island and, as a result, to enroll in reputable National universities to further their education.

Hiruni De Silva, one of the current students of RI Nugegoda branch shares “I have been a student in the National Curriculum since I began schooling at Royal Institute in 2011. I believe my school has provided me with all the facilities necessary to be a good student in my studies and extracurricular activities. Even during the troublesome times in quarantine, my school provided me and all the other National Curriculum students with study materials for us to prepare for the exams.”

A secret behind the school’s success lies in the fact that the students receive superior guidance from highly qualified and experienced teachers that serve as role models and enable them to reach their full potential. Students are immersed in a nurturing environment where they are able to enjoy their education to the maximum while embracing challenges and striving for the best. This is because RI believes that an all-round education should help make a positive contribution towards making the responsible citizens and being able to tackle challenges academically at the same time. The availability of sophisticated and stimulating learning environments will further assist students in making the best out of all learning resources and to think critically, outside the box. Students are able to actively participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities which would ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel and be rewarded for every achievement.

Every day, many skilled students join RI family, who are taught not just to be excellent students, but also to deal with future obstacles. This leading educational institution continues to develop prodigies who are molded into outstanding academic performers and also extraordinary future citizens of Sri Lanka. As a result, RI is an excellent choice for your child to complete their education in the National curriculum.

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