The Pride of Royal Institute International School – Jason Homer represents at the World Junior Badminton Championship 2022

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.’’
– Liane Cardes –

Royal Institute International School (RI) is a centre of excellence with the presence of outstanding personalities in diversified fields. It is recognized for its excellent academic and non-academic achievements. The school sheds light on their students by opening up great opportunities with immeasurable efforts to promote their engagement in both academic and non-academic activities. Such sweet fruit of RI Nugegoda, Jason Homer, who aced in badminton, ventured on a journey in becoming the first player from an international school in Sri Lanka to be selected for the World Junior Badminton Championship 2022 which is taking place in Spain.

World Junior Badminton Championship is a tournament organized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to crown the best junior badminton players in the world. The championship is held annually and consists of two separate competitions: a mixed team championship followed by an individual championship. It is an exclusive opportunity for badminton champions across the world to showcase and explore their amazing talents. Moreover, they get an invaluable opportunity to meet players from all around the world which will enable all the players not only to share their experiences but also to learn from each other. It is a great honour for both Jason and his alma mater to receive this golden opportunity to display his amazing badminton skills in an international arena; all thanks to his parents, supportive friends, teachers along with the academic and non-academic staff.

Jason has won under 17 Boys’ Doubles Championship when he was studying in grade 11 and was selected to the Sri Lanka National Badminton Squad in 2019. He was ranked top in his age group in Badminton within Sri Lanka and was chosen to participate in the championship. For the past few years, he participated in the summer season events and the badminton tournaments that took place in India and has achieved so many winning moments locally and internationally. He was well guided by his coach, paving the path for him to sharpen his skills in which he has travelled with the help of his determination and commitment.

Celebrating this proud moment, Jason extends his gratitude to his alma mater, “The school provided me with my first ever badminton coach that helped me train in the start of my journey to reach this level. Thanks to Sir Mahesh Padmakumara I was able to make it this far as he was the first coach to teach me.”

The credit should be duly passed to his coaches for their dedication in training Jason for unwrapping this spectacular opportunity. His proud alma mater should also be thanked for opening up such treasured opportunities in both academic and extra – curricular activities. Royal Institute International School always takes measures to provide a balanced education for all its students and as a result, so many valuable gems like Jason are dedicated to the nation. We warmly congratulate Jason on being selected for the World Junior Badminton Championship and wish him best of luck in the event and in all his future endeavours.