RI’s Unmatchable Victory at Cambridge Exams 2021

At Royal Institute (RI), we believe that authenticity and commitment of enthusiastic students, suitably geared by the guidance of versatile teachers, lead them to unmatchable success. 

At this special milestone celebrating its 50 year long journey through empathy and excellence, Royal Institute International School has yet another motive to rejoice about.

At Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level June 2021 Examination series, candidates of Royal Institute have demonstrated exceptional excellence once more producing a remarkable 100% pass rate. A significant 41% of the total candidates obtained 3As and above. While 20 students have obtained 3As, 21 students, a recorded 4As. Five of our brilliant students obtained 5As and 6As, which is a highlight of this series. The prime role played by RI teachers in making every learner passionately but tirelessly work his/her own way to academic excellence is the secret behind such exceptional achievement.

These outstanding achievements made at OL, AS Level and AL have their solid base laid at nursery level. Grounding toddlers through Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) curriculum and letting them work independently, the youngsters are deeply engaged in their work. Through the AMI method that fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth for children in all areas of their development—cognitive, emotional, social, and physical, RI lays a firm foundation on which the young learners build up.  The structures these early learners gradually construct provide assured support for their climb to reach the heights. Their parents leave them in the hands of the dedicated, skilled and caring teachers with assured confidence that their offspring will be directed along the twelve year long path of formal school education and life thereafter.

Along primary and lower secondary education, the school provides ample opportunities for the learners to acquire knowledge, master skills and grow with empathy and humility. Students readily grab the opportunities and progress in every avenue opened to them. They develop their capacity academically and in numerous extra-curricular activities during physical school and on virtual learning platforms.

As these resourceful youngsters enter the upper secondary level, they are well competent not only in their academics, but in every other aspect. RI generously provides opportunities, encouragement and motivation, so that the shooting saplings will grow into massive trees which shelter mankind, wherever they may be.  

Grounded to emerge as competent and charismatic learners, students perform exceptionally well at international examinations, year after year. Their past and current performance at Cambridge OL, AS Level and AL examination foreshadows their success at the upcoming Pearson Edexcel IAS Level examination. As in the past, this year too, Royal Institute contentedly watches the academic excellence displayed by Cambridge AS Level and A Level candidates in June 2021, amidst the devastating global pandemic. The academic council of Royal Institute, comprising the Coordinating Principal and Principals and Vice Principals of all branch schools, Headed by the Academic Director and under the leadership and thorough involvement of the Academic Coordinator worked vehemently with the teachers to ensure that the School Assessed Grades are absolutely in line with the authentic work efforts of the students, awarding them the exact grades they deserve while maintaining 100% compliance with the benchmarks stipulated by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). RI prides in maintaining its exceptional level of reliability and accuracy in assessing grades for those candidates who had to face the least expected blow, when CAIE abruptly called off the ongoing Cambridge International OL, AS Level and AL June 2021 exam series in Sri Lanka.

Royal Institute, along with its dedicated teachers rejoice and pride, seeing their learners nurtured and fully grown, triumphantly march up the promising paths paved with so much care, commitment and hope leading towards guaranteed success in the highly competitive, complex and constantly changing world out there.