Royal Institute Girls’ School Celebrating 12 Years 

Royal Institute Girls’ School successfully marked 12 years of pioneering excellence in educating and blossoming idealistic leaders to grace and guide our society by encouraging optimism, loyalty and uncountable positive traits upon its students. In honor and thankfulness to the school’s selfless contributions of lighting the way for future generations, a special assembly took place within school premises, adorning the school buildings in decorations hued with the branch’s image color, pink.
The celebrations were held on the 16th of September which proceeded with the hoisting of the School and National Flags with the presence of the Principal, Madam Shazeena Nilam and the Academic Coordinator, Ms Manori Alwis. Floating candles were lit, thus initiating performances by the Prefects’ Guild and the dancing troupe.

An exclusive sector of the event was allocated for honorable mentions of astounding results of Cambridge OL Examinations June 2020, brought about by senior students, Samangi Gunawardana and Suthagaran Madhumina.

These two high achievers took the stage to give inspirational advice to their juniors regarding the path to achieve success and thanking their wonderful teachers for their hard work and dedication.

The Principal, the Academic Coordinator and the Headmistress, Ms Ishani Ranasinghe were joined by two nursery students to cut the cake.

Lastly, helium balloons were released into the sky to welcome the 13th year. All students were treated to delicious cupcakes to commemorate the occasion.

Royal Institute Girls’ School has taken flight to a colossal development and has undertaken a journey that will advance decades in the future to come, bearing many prospects and potential achievements.

“The 12 year journey

We went from batch to batch

Creating memories

Our cries and laughter fill the halls

From the first ever sports meet to the drama competition

We always stayed together

Composing bonds of friendship

Bonds that last lifetimes…”
Wishing the Girls’ School all the best in its future growth and success