Royal Institute International School demonstrates Outstanding Performances at Cambridge AL Examination 2022


For many students who are serious about securing a strong academic footing, procuring outstanding results for the Cambridge Advanced Level examinations represents the start of an illustrious academic career.  Being one of the most strenuous as well as fruitful courses a student can take up during their schooling life, doing the Cambridge AS and A Level has always been associated with blood, toil, tears and sweat. And yet, despite the challenges, many students brave the storm and try their hardest to pass with flying colours.

The examination is highly recognized by majority of universities globally due its subject content and the high standard set in marking. As a result, many students who pass their Cambridge A Levels with high marks are able to obtain scholarships in leading universities abroad. This year, despite the covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing social and economic unrest in the country, several brilliant students managed to achieve the highest honour of 4A*s for their respective subjects.

The popular adage “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” was proven to be a reality when Sharika Thayaparan, Sagani Muralytharan, Danuish Ravindran and Madhumina Suthagaran of RI Havelock Town, and Inesh Palihapitiya and Renuja Madushan of RI Nugegoda obtained 4A*s at the recently concluded Cambridge A Level Examination. It should also be highlighted that Debrah Johnson and Samangi Gunawardena from RI Nugegoda were able to achieve astounding results in two remarkable subjects: Debra Johnson has achieved an A* in Global Perspectives and Research, which is a rare achievement in the particular subject and Samangi Gunawardena has brought in an A* for Marine Science.

One can only admire the magnitude of their dedication and determination at excelling in the exams. Despite being confined to online learning for most of their A Level years, these students have managed to achieve what many thought to be impossible: the perfect grade.

Their achievements shine as a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the educators at Royal Institute. Despite being crippled by the pandemic, the teachers have tried their hardest to carry on and give their best to the students, taking great pains to contribute to the perfect end-result.  The teachers at Royal Institute, as well as their students, have excelled marvellously in training and attaining what is to be named as remarkable results. These past three years have been extremely stressful on the staff, the students and their families all across the country and such an achievement gives everyone the much-needed hope to carry on despite circumstances beyond their control. These results are no mere feats to attain, and statistics prove that only a smaller fraction of the thousands of students internationally are able to reach such levels of excellence.

Royal Institute extends its heartiest congratulations to these six outstanding students for their determination and skill. We further congratulate every student who passed this year’s examinations, uttering with the deepest sense of respect and pride that their Alma Mater is honoured every time they excel in their journey of academics. Royal Institute International School wishes you the best of luck for your future endeavors!