RI Prize Giving 2022

“Acknowledge all of your small victories. They will eventually add up to something great.” – Kara Goucher


Royal Institute International School takes great pride in celebrating the achievements of its golden students and honouring them for the hardships and challenges they had to face. It is the fruits of years of hard work that have been culminated, making this day a significant and memorable moment for the students to cherish.


The annual prize giving of Royal Institute International School was held on the 21st of July 2022 at the prestigious RIC auditorium. After two long years of waiting for this day, Royal Institute was finally able to host this event despite the hurdles in their way.

The event began with the welcoming of the honourable Chief Guest Dr Kishani A. Udagampola-Ratnayake, who is an associate at Federal Reserve Bank, USA and was a former student of RI, our dear Chairman, Mr. GT Bandara, Academic Director, Dr. Nirodha Bandara, principals and vice principals of all branches and other dignitaries. They were graciously led to the auditorium by the Western Band of the school and were followed by the Teachers’ Parade.  Then, the distinguished guests lit the traditional oil lamp, officially commencing the grand event.

The school choir sang the school anthem and it was a memorable occasion since both the lyricist and the composer were present in the audience. Ms. Faiza Galleel, principal of Gampaha branch has written the lyrics of the school song and Ms. Subhashini Talwatte, our dear music teacher who has trained the choir, composed the music herself. Moreover, an array of vividly entrancing dances was organized where students of various grades took part in. Their movements, expressions and costumes with dazzling, intricate details truly added more colour and vibrancy to this event.

Coordinating Principal, Ms. Iranthi Gunawardena, presented the Principals’ report, highlighting all the achievements of the school during past few years. Dr. Kishani Uduganpola also took her position on the stage not only to congratulate the award winners but also to encourage them to step forward in the correct path. Being a person who is ready to continue her studies until the end of her life, the salient point of her speech was the idea that “education is from womb to tomb”. 

The most awaited moment, of course, was the distribution of the prizes. The air was full of joy and pride with everyone congratulating each other warm-heartedly. Parents and teachers were sharing warm, proud and happy moments when they saw a familiar face on stage. Children were happily showing off their certificates to their loved ones and friends who were trying to record the significant moment digitally. The most unforgettable sight indeed was the smile on the faces of the prize winners themselves as they heard the rendering applause whilst climbing up the stage.

The school does not only value the academic achievements but also extra -curricular activities since they believe that the experiences you learn and collect outside the confinement of your textbooks are equally valuable which is why Special Prizes were also awarded for achievements in sports.


The most remarkable segment was the awarding of prizes for Outstanding OL/AS/AL results in both the curriculums. The audience must have not needed any other evidences to realise the great, unmatchable role the school has played in designing a brighter future for all those students who filled the air with pride.

Finally, the Felicitation of Staff was a cherished moment, in which the teachers were recognised for their unwavering loyalty and dedication as it is their hard work and efforts that have molded these learners into the virtuous and talented students they are today.  



With the singing of the National Anthem, the event came to an end but past students spent more time meeting their teachers and reminiscing their school memories with their old friends. It was truly a day of notable achievement and an inspiration to many more in the future.