Royal Institute Triumphs amidst Country’s Uncertainties

Royal Institute International School

Empathy, experience and excellence have earned Royal Institute International School (RI) an unblemished reputation which it has secured over the past 50 years in the arena of national and international education in Sri Lanka. Since its inception in 1971, RI has produced thousands of charismatic global citizens resplendent with knowledge, skills and values.


Study Growth

Along with the gentle but steadfast growth of the learners, grew the institution. RI emerged to be a mighty establishment with five branch schools and a tertiary education wing which shelter learners as young as tiny toddlers to dynamic undergrads.

RI has grown year after year, not only in numbers, but with sheer reputation and recognition for its unmatchable academic excellence which has resulted from the wholehearted commitment, perseverance and integrity it upholds, so dearly and proudly.

Commitment, Perseverance and Integrity

Commitment, perseverance and integrity are hallmarks of Royal Institute. The school works vehemently towards the benefit of its learners, at all times. It is this commitment which has earned Royal Institute its exclusive identity. While the management provides every single facility from modern play areas, to state-of-the-art science and IT laboratories to fascinating libraries to a fully-fledged sports complex, and to the most modern hybrid classrooms, the teaching staff ensure that relevant knowledge and skills alongside values are transferred to the young learners.

Unmatchable Excellence

Untiring collaborative efforts at Royal Institute have brought countless world class achievements to its learners, year after year. The school prepares students for Cambridge Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations and Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Subsidiary Level Examination, this year. Under the guidance of the teaching staff, students receive numerous country prizes and world prizes at Cambridge OL, AS and AL Examinations every year. Royal Institute has been awarded Cambridge Primary School status recently, and was amongst the first international schools in Sri Lanka to have received Cambridge Exam Centre status, many years ago. Besides, students demonstrate their competence at national and international level events, bringing home not only certificates, medals and trophies, but immense pride and honour; they testify the academic and co-curricular excellence maintained at RI.

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming challenges has never been a challenge to Royal Institute. With the committed human capital at RI, the institution has smoothly and very successfully overcome every obstacle and challenge during the uncertainties that prevailed during the June 2019 Cambridge examination series, and the June 2020 and 2021 Cambridge examination series amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic, that followed.


Triumphant – June 2022 Examination Series

As it had been in the past, this time too, RI portrayed its expertise and excellence through the uninterrupted conducting of both Cambridge and Edexcel Ordinary Level, International Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level examinations, amidst all uncertainties in the country.

Royal Institute is highly contented that the examinations department with the generous support of the management, administrative staff, academic staff, students and parents is smoothly and continuously conducting all British examinations for the benefit of the candidates. RI is committed to provide every facility, and undertake any mighty responsibility in order to ensure that students do not experience any disappointment or drawback due to the prevailing unexpected circumstances. The examinations department ensures that appropriate safety and hygiene measures are constantly in place, strictly adhering to the guidelines set by the state and the international examination bodies.

RI feels triumphant that the examinations were conducted smoothly and successfully when the entire island was closed down with the declaration of curfew. Examinations were conducted continuously under the leadership of the Head of Examinations with maximum security, and the fullest cooperation of the invigilators, students and parents at a time that the other leading examinations centers withdrew from conducting the examinations. It is noteworthy that despite all uncertainties the reported attendance of RI candidates at Cambridge OL, AL and Edexcel IAS examinations held at the Royal Institute of Colombo was 100%.


Royal Institute greatly appreciates the generous support extended by numerous groups and individuals for the smooth conducting of the exams and look forward to serving the nation’s future generation to accomplish their educational and career goals.