The Teenage Enterprising Entrepreneur from Royal Institute International School – Nethila Nimsath Gamage

Royal Institute is an absolutely privileged school that has the rare opportunity to constantly pride herself on highly talented young learners who secure extremely diverse accomplishments.

It all started with …

It all started with the then ten-year-old Nethila’s explanatory talk shows on his YouTube channel “Cinnamon Chat with Nethila” where he interviewed top professionals and young entrepreneurs. Although the Covid 19 pandemic slowed down his pace of extra activity during the stay-home period, the gritty go-getter grabbed the opportunity of utilizing the spare time available while attending school and learning all lessons via the very effective modern hybrid classrooms set up by Royal Institute to explore other openings in his field of interest and subsequently, switched to LinkedIn which instantly linked him with many young entrepreneurs from around the world.

Over 5000 connections

Presently, he has over 5000 connections on LinkedIn from top startup advisors to budding young entrepreneurs from across the globe. He applied for and received LinkedIn live streaming facility, making him one of the very few LinkedIn live streamers in the country, today. He has also launched a monthly newsletter on LinkedIn and has over 2300 subscribers from around the world.

“Nethila and I can boast of LinkedIn live talk shows. Nethila has helped me train around 2500 undergraduates on LinkedIn in 2021,” says Amithe Gamage, Nethila’s father, gleefully.

Family ties …

Nethila Nimsath Gamage is the second of two good sons born to Mr. and Mrs. Amithe Gamage. Mr. Amithe Gamage is a professional trainer, while Mrs. Priyanga Gamage has opted to remain a homemaker, providing all the support, care, and comfort sought by the father and sons. Sehandu, the older sibling, who is yet another popular LinkedIn marketer with diverse talents in media and technology, has completed his GCE OL examination at Royal Institute International School, Nugegoda.

 Life at Royal Institute

“I joined the school in grade 1. I study the National curriculum and am now in grade 8. I have been playing basketball in school, and am a member of the school choir. I was selected to the choir about three years ago, and take part in events such as Christmas Carols too. Recalling my early days, I remember receiving a prize at the spelling bee competition when I was in grade 4.  Apart from studying, I enjoy being with my friends; they see my activities and make helpful comments. My teachers have always been helpful with all my school activities, and I am truly grateful to my teachers and my school RI,” says Nethila, delightedly

“Nethila is an intelligent and adorable student whom any teacher would want to have in her class; he is so well disciplined and absolutely charming, that he stands out. He is a calm and attentive learner and is admired for his innocence, self-discipline, respectfulness, and sweet mannerisms,” explains Ms. Dulmini Nawaratne, Nethila’s class teacher.

Marspreneurs – the enterprise

With countless requests pouring in from parents who have witnessed the skills and were inspired by the innovative young master-mind, Nethila resolved to establish his own business school for youngsters to develop an array of entrepreneurial skills. As the CEO of ‘Marspreneurs’, Nethila’s business school, he organizes regular meetings and workshops for youngsters who demonstrate a true desire to uncover the world around them.

Luxury Living – the automobile business

“Nethila is connected with top startup advisors and C-level executives as well as with other young entrepreneurs overseas through his merchandise in the automobile industry,” adds his father.  “His popularity and connections generated via LinkedIn have led to his automobile business – “Luxury Living”. He started it off with a Mercedes Benz C200.”

Accomplishments acknowledged internationally…

Nethila’s efforts and accomplishments have been highly acknowledged and greatly commended, internationally. His work has been published in a number of foreign podcasts, YouTube channels, social media platforms, etc. The Times of India, the third-largest newspaper in India by circulation and the largest selling English-language daily in the world, recently published an interview with Nethila, on the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) too, in its WIPO Asia- Pacific Newsletter of 20th June published an article on Nethila.

Charity Nethila, being moulded at home and school to act with virtue and morals, believes in helping the less privileged segments in society. He helps the underprivileged youngsters in Anuradhapura realize their true potential as part of his charity mission. “Kusal Arana” a religious organization from Anuradhapura has offered Nethila a place to conduct entrepreneurship skills-building training sessions. He plans to conduct training sessions physically every three months, further to the online sessions held monthly.

He also serves as a brand ambassador for Child Action Lanka.

Patience, perseverance, and courage

The teenage entrepreneur, coach, public speaker, and personal branding expert Nethila Nimsath has proven that patience, perseverance, and the courage to pursue one’s life’s interests are all that it takes to make one’s dreams a reality. He has exemplified ways to take up challenges and overcome them and displays a promising future. Nethila encourages fellow youngsters to contribute to finding solutions to the prevailing economic downturn and inspires people locally and internationally through his skills.

Royal Institute wholeheartedly wishes Nethila, the strength, and courage to pursue his passion, conquer his future and serve the world.