Blossoming Passion through Dedication and Perseverance

Royal Institute International School, established initially by the hands of Mr G.T. Bandara in the year 1971, ventured its way to establish 6 branches as well as RIC, the university. Under the motto of Light of learning, RI has shed light on many lives of students by providing them with an excellent high quality experience of education and luxurious facilities for more than half a century in both academic and non-academic divisions under the guidance of its excellent team, honorary directors including our Academic director, Dr Nirodha Bandara and dedicated staff members. 

 The youngest of the family, RI Gampaha, initiated in 2013, embarked on a remarkable journey becoming highly successful in providing numerous opportunities to depict student skills, performances and endowing respected citizens to the society. As psychologist Robert Sternburg once said, ‘Success in life does not necessarily originate with academic success.’ RI Gampaha, just like all the other branches, is equally concerned with encouraging students to get involved in non-academic activities as a priority. Thus, this worthy effort has resulted in creating many achievers in the school. 

 Dewvin Mallawarachchi is a student who discovered his passion in 2013 when he first wanted to attempt the swimming pool in the nursery courtyard at the impressionable age of 3. Eventually, his passion grew progressively, and therefore, he decided to go for practices. Struggling with the shallow mild water, this young boy swayed his tiny hands through the tide letting water know his presence on the surface. He tried harder and harder to reach the end, every single day striving that he’d meet the end of the shallow tides without drowning his dreams and hopes of the people who supported him. “Every morning, I went to the swimming pool at around 6 a.m, and practised for about 2 hours”, Dewvin stated, addressing his hard work.  With such utmost dedication from his soul at such a young age, indeed it is evident that he has always been striving to do what he was passionate about. He further stated, “I enjoy my practices. Every day, after returning home from school, I did my homework, and then, I watched some swimming videos before I made it to practice”. It is incredible how his mindset was not ready to give any ounce of his time to non-essential activities so he always worked with an unswerving goal in his head – to be a professional swimmer. “I need to say, whatever you are doing, do it with correct dedication” he stated, so as to give a message to younger brothers and sisters on how important dedication is in achieving one’s goals. 

 Of course, he did gain the fruit of his dedication when he took part in 2022’s 46th National Age Group Aquatic Swimming Championships winning 3 medals (2 Silver and 1 Bronze) in this competition. He won two Silver medals for 200 metres in butterfly style and freestyle under the category of “Boys under 13”. He also secured a Bronze medal in 100 metres under the category of “Boys under 13”. Moreover, he is a proud winner of many more other awards in swimming. Dewvin also secured 7th place in the Under 13 Age group from the above competition where Royal Institute International School was ranked in the 23rd position out of 78 schools.  

 Dewvin is undoubtedly an example of what constant dedication and perseverance can achieve. He also humbly thanked his parents, coach, school’s PTI and Ms Faiza Gallil, the principal of RI Gampaha for persistently supporting him in his passion for swimming, and most importantly he thanked his alma mater, Royal Institute for opening up these valuable opportunities to develop his passion into reality.  

 We would like to congratulate Devin Mallawarachchi for his achievements and wish him all the best in all his future endeavours! And best of luck to Royal Institute in unwrapping opportunities for many such students with hidden passions.