How To Apply For Grade 1 2024 For Royal Institute

How To Apply For Grade 1 2024

Wants to know how to apply for grade 1 2024 for Royal Institute?

Primary education is worldwide considered as a basic human right for the values it provides the human being which have been identified as one of the most basic and the foremost rights of children. It is our responsibility to find out the best opportunities for the children by creating that valuable space with the best.

Therefore, it’s the right time to enroll your precious child with the best. Preparing him/ her for tomorrow as a demanding profile would be one of your most awaited dreams that you looked forward to fulfilling for your child.

Being one of the leading and intimate academic partners who is celebrated for serving excellence for our nation by producing valuable persons to the country and so as for the globe, Royal Institute International School is happy to deliver the best for you.

The prestigious education that you plan to grant your child is right with us, and so we are taking tremendous attempts to groom your child with a more personalized focus hence at Royal Institute your child will get the right care and attention from us in shaping his/ her future.

Upgraded and updated with the best systems, and materials to match the international quality and standards in everything that we exclusively offer your child, Royal Institutes’ ultimate goal is to produce a happier and safe education environment for your child so that he or she will enjoy the best period of their life with best.

Primary education is one of the fundamental time periods of your kid’s life which creates the foundation. Making the right primary education is very much important and it requires more consideration and preparation. The character development of children should start from primary level and continue through the stages that they complete in education.

This will result in building their personality. Royal Institute not just focuses to develop the academic skills of your child but will also set the right environment to develop their soft skills, analytical skills, confidence, and leadership skills as well.

Furthermore, primary education is meant to enhance the moral values, communication, social development, and cognitive skills of children while improving their emotional development. To Offer a better learning experience for your child, Royal Institute is happy to introduce a series of valuable programmes and syllabus that are designed to match global educational standards and qualities.

Schools are the first stage where the children step out into the world that explores the community. As a mature educational firm in Sri Lanka, Royal Institute has realized the positive impact of this, and we are happy to let you know that we have been successful in creating the healthy community that you look forward to providing proper exposure to your child.

Our well-trained qualified, professional, and experienced teachers will give individual attention to each and every kid, so you can get amazed by the performance of your child while the resources and the systems we have implied in our institute assure to produce a positive learning environment for your child to grow up peacefully.

Find the space for your child at Royal Institute by applying for the next intake for the year of 2024. Applying for Royal Institute is based on a very simple, professional procedure that will not stress you throughout the process.

You may obtain all the required information with an easy meet-up at the Secretariat (Admission unit) at any of the Royal Institute branches located in Havelock Town, Nugegoda, Maharagama, Maya Avenue, and Gampaha. Our professional and friendly team will guide you with all the necessary information to admit your child to school.

The application process includes an admission test that will be a placement test we conduct to identify the level of your child, and based on the marks they get they will be selected to get admitted to the school. Birth certificate and 2 stamp size photographs of your child are required in the admission process.

Royal Institute is very much happy and excited to be a part of your most awaited dreams and contribute to one of the happiest and valuable moments of your child’s life. Let’s celebrate the success story of your child together on the day he achieves the best in his life as a remarkable leader to the country and to the globe.

Join hands with us to guide your child throughout the challenging journey of life and make the world a better place for him.

To apply for grade 1 2024 for Royal Institute got to our how to apply.